Sunday, August 22, 2010

The prickly heat was able to be done.

[Iyaa;]?It is cleaning [shitana] [-] on the weekend ‥.
The rental warehouse canceled was put in order though it wrote the other day.

Move luggage from the warehouse to the company, return to the warehouse, and to the thrift shop even if you buy it
Anything was not able to be bought after all any longer ....electric piano.. season of the barbecue within five years when bringing it in as the electric piano and the barbecue set were various.. ....end.. [rukaratte].. and everything was taken home to home as it was ‥.

It occurs on Sunday, and the cleaning switch is [puchi] and enters at once, cleans, and is rolling up. 。
Well, and it waits in reality on holiday and [shitakaraikka] for a moment ..settling.. ..refreshingly...

However, were you ..the sweat..?
When the warehouse is cleaned, it is necessary under T-shirt profusely at once though the towel was placed between the stomach and the back.
No ‥.

Additionally, the prickly heat can be done to the breast, and [soregakayuinoyo] !.
Will I apply the [uu;] baby powder?

[Ou;] and [kayui].

[Poriporiporiporiporiporiporipori] ‥

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