Thursday, April 28, 2011

It will be a move tomorrow.

[Ou] -
It is a cleaning, a movement, and burning out [tayoo;] today ‥ [Iyaa;]?The real thing of the move is [kedosa] . that tomorrow.

Participation : "Party of [otona] that knew a hawk from a handsaw" in the evening in the my glass bringing so often ‥ I took nature [manmande] that drank champagne and a favorite flute glass.

It is terrible valuable. [Te] and all [fuu;]. ..becoming it.. queue up in a row by [u] chair keys[Fuu;]?♪ was drunk while saying.

My glass after all is [hahaha] ..putting away quietly...

However, all were the real cards as usual ‥ I thought spending very seriously though it was not a compared translation.

[Aa;] ‥ It doesn't regret.

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