Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shop in pet OK private room. San aloha

Did [fufufu] , end of the week sleep for eight hours?[Fuffuu;]?♪ is [indakedosa] not healthy because it was not an early to bed and early to rise, and it occurred late sleeping late ..

A new pet OK shop was found on Saturday so often.
There is a signboard in the bus-stop bench and passing with dogs near the shop to which it tried to go first is character [ga] of "The private room is dog OK".
Because it is cold in the terrace seat recently, ..surviving.. [ruyoo;].

[De] and the day were able to shine in the private room though were feeling like the shop where the design of the [tto] signboard was doubtful it, and were feeling in the shop posture safe [kanaa;] because the friend also had done lunch together.

It has put the incontinent pad for the pet.
It may be easy There was a wall, and for you not to anxious about the next and either to speak though the ceiling became empty.
..encounter.. ?However, is it 315 yen each?There was a pet charge and 10% charge was taken as for the private room.

It is during about [maa;demo] 2 a half hour and is slow [takaraikka] it is possible to speak.

The design of the shop posture or the signboard
It thought of [-] ..after all important.. because it renewed.

The shop to which it encounters and , went is ↓ it...

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