Sunday, January 2, 2011

It went to the sale.

[Iyaa;]?It is thought that it goes to the sale, and it is [itanoyo] ! in Yokohama Station at 10 AM today. [Fu] .

However, the person was terrible ‥.
Moreover, it is running with short steps for the feeling that everyone makes [ira] somehow.

[Desa], and the bought be full of nature it went, and : in feeling of [ku] boast Kaifuki.
However, however ‥
It was not possible to buy it again.

When you see the mirror putting it on aimed boots and another times
Gradually come into view to "Child who put on black boots" somehow and ‥ Moreover, it has quietly put it.

I will buy [de] and this. It thought of [tte].
T-shirt of 1500 yen of a no sign is sold out and ? of [te] of cannot purchase after all.
When it is lonesome and returns
The aunt in the same apartment house where the signal had been waited gladly lowered about three paper bags of the department store.

Such it pats in the "futsufutsu" and a cod that doesn't come.
Is does it go, does I also go from [kutteiu] to [pie;] [ruga] Kawasaki together, and T-shirt wanting it [gettoo;] in a no sign?[Fuffuu;]?

The incidentally ear application ‥ each other It seems to say , [iya-mafura-].
[Hahaha] whether considerably become like the ape and suit.

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