Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still Nola cat

Nola cat mode that continues still since weekend ‥ [Fu] .

[Iyaa;]?The ranking of the cod hamburger was done watching television before it slept on Monday.

The story of [de] and the hamburger is told and the cod.
It becomes, and the retrieval of [furesshunesuba-ga-] that cooks ..[furesshunesuba-ga-].. [suggoi] [tabe] in daytime yesterday.

It found it ..[de].. for a moment though it walked.
[Rakki] ..the encounter and there is , terrace seat and eating with dogs... went together my desire ..dog.. be made them associate。

Unpleasantness?Do it grow old and did it swear it?♪
It might be indistinguishable with Mos Burger if [pie;] [runi] eyes are shut and it eats. ..saying.. [-] and I think that I understand though it ..[tte].. is said.
[Banzu] [gasa] , [furesshunesuba-ga-] is [-] ..no favor...

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