Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day when it became wind

[Iyaa;]?Is it [nattayoo;] in the wind on Sunday?‥ Though it is about 100m.

It was wearing a lot of clothes of [nimokkomoko] in the dog-walking after all and [takarachokottodake] ran on the weekend though it was a be full of nature where it went suitable in running.
The corbicula and the corbicula as soon as using it. can ..excellent [ze].. [-] however it

Does the recent enjoyment so often?[Fuffuu;]?♪
Dogs also eat the tea [shitari] meal together on the weekend.

Is it a branch in the restaurant in the vicinity of the Japan University Main Street station on Saturday?[Fuffuu;]?An ..♪.. indeed gradual terrace seat has become cold.

However of dog OK.. more [inoninaa;] may be... Though it thinks of [tte] ‥. The juridical it special permission seems to be unnecessary when glimpsing it on the net thinking that application is severe because the animal enters. Along ‥

The page of the dog cafe map that has been done up to now is [hahaha] though becomes an area where it is made Japanese syllabary [kittosuggoi] [kagi].

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