Thursday, April 28, 2011

It will be a move tomorrow.

[Ou] -
It is a cleaning, a movement, and burning out [tayoo;] today ‥ [Iyaa;]?The real thing of the move is [kedosa] . that tomorrow.

Participation : "Party of [otona] that knew a hawk from a handsaw" in the evening in the my glass bringing so often ‥ I took nature [manmande] that drank champagne and a favorite flute glass.

It is terrible valuable. [Te] and all [fuu;]. ..becoming it.. queue up in a row by [u] chair keys[Fuu;]?♪ was drunk while saying.

My glass after all is [hahaha] ..putting away quietly...

However, all were the real cards as usual ‥ I thought spending very seriously though it was not a compared translation.

[Aa;] ‥ It doesn't regret.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


[Muu;]?The day of the move of the company has approached more and more ‥ The preparation for that is various.

It will be a delivery of goods of furniture after a long time tomorrow to attend because the telephone construction or the desk comes ‥ Enjoyment. 。

What do you say?
It is exciting [dokidokina] [kanji] before the festival. [Fuffuu;]?♪

It moves to Tokyo because it goes dogs' being stroll in [sateto] , the future, and it participates in the party that means "Party of [otona] that knows a hawk from a handsaw" at night.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

It lives ‥.

Male dog [piezouha] in evening
Rustling it was put in [kure-to] [pie;] [runi] compulsorily and it moved for a while.

It became perverse for a moment ..what.. when getting up in [de] and the morning and putting it out from [kure-to].
However, safe [kanaa;] now because the holding holding depends too much ‥ It becomes it very.

It often cries especially so often because it watches television recently what.
What can cry even in the drama and news even if it sees.
The funeral has cried times how many another about Sue.
[Muu;] ‥ A point easily moved to tears : from previous though it was.

The meaning to make the mind settle down goes to the aroma yoga today.
There is work, too and it has stopped it though it was thought that the hot yoga also went continuously afterwards.

[Fu] selection.. . of [otona] with hesitancy

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pilates was not able to take today ‥.

[Muu;]?I think no sleep soundly in the evening ‥.

Because it doesn't enter [kure-to] at male dog [piezou] [neru] recently ‥ It doesn't enter even if sweets are flashed.

Because it freely lays down ahead and it fractured
When sleeping, it put it in [kure-to] since then.

It dislikes it in [de] and the evening.
[Pu] [pu] sleeps after it pillows of me and [te].
When I also look up at the face of [piezou] as ..sleep [tarapiezou].. [mukkuri] gets up, slaver is very [ni] of my eyes though it is narrow. [Hyoe] [] ‥ Well, and the eye medicine was pierced and it slept though it was not thought that there was [nan] either.

[N]?On the bed
I think that it moves sneaking about ‥.

What shall we do in the future?

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Friday, April 22, 2011

The company will be cleaned tomorrow.

[Aa;]?They were eight careless [heimamoru] today.

It reserved it about the Chinese medicine outpatient at ten o'clock.
It is surprised because it forgets completely and it has a telephone call from [te] hospital.
It is possible to go because time afterwards became empty and though it was good.

[De] and this are from 13 o'clock, print, and are surprised to be said, too, thinking that the reserved hot yoga is from 12 o'clock when going to [te] studio [te] and [suggoi] [**].
Why was 12 o'clock convinced ‥?

The place was taken up near fan heater though wherever you like was able to be taken because it entered [de] and the studio ahead of time why ‥ It became hot while it was doing, and boiling [dakomitaina] [kao] was done ‥.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The grass is a pretty color.

Because dogs were washed yesterday, the [powapowadeii] perfume?
[Aa;]?Is the face buried under [munimu] and is it healed?。

What?When expecting the desire in the vicinity
A black insect thickly : ‥ [Uu;]?It ..gooseflesh.. passed.
[Rururuu;]?Because the insect is not good, do I :?
Still if it is an insect that doesn't fly though it is good ‥
Curettage..say..head..tune..round and round..friend.

Dogs are joining a sticky leaf to the leg well recently ‥ [Fuu;]?[Desunoo;] in spring.

It is this tune. , sound [deruyo] ↓ encounter

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

‥ It is ..washing.. [uzo] [-uo;] as for [piezoutachi].
[Oshiri] of male dog [piezou] and two hips were healed seeing it, and moreover, presence [debuwa] became and was healed terribly as for wind [debuwa] [tto] the wind terrible and healing hips of the surgical knife dog Pieta not seen usually so much, and.

It falls if that light hips are seen and smiling is yes.
Well, and it seems, and it ..[i].. goes when the face of me who is laughing is seen from other people while seeing hips hanging as soon as dangerous.

It was in the shop to which it encountered and it had gone on , aspect aspect last day.
That what though instinctively taken by carrying because [figia] is interesting ‥.

Are only pants naked children who are?‥

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Are saddles "Clara" of dog in Flanders?

[Aa;] ‥ I want to become the [shihana] saddles ‥.

, [iyaa;] has cut the hair the encounter a little while ago.
It has been said to make it to round feeling though it is a round face.


[Kunkun] ..clearout.. [ppuri] of the dog is terrible in the end when returning ..putting up the treatment medicine.. ....making fun.. ,.. ‥ It is Mr. demon.

It rages with two [suggoi] excitement [shite] afterwards, it rolls up, and the state of the dog run.

It encounters and it has missed eating in [-] and daytime ‥ I will eat dinner ahead of time.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

It is possible to aim, and it is a hot adult.

The hot yoga done on Friday

Ahead of that, it was done hot yoga [hayuru] [-] ..saying.. [kanji], and it is after all different at all depending on the teacher.

Disneyland were a lot of crying people and is even of opening the shake so often on the other day television for one month though broadcast ‥ There was a person who was crying because it clung to Mickey, too.
[N]?Terrible Mickey mouse.

However, I have thought [nareruttesugoi] to be crazy again that much.

Also for me, I want the one that it is possible to talk hot.
All [a;] ..whether... So ‥.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cherry blossoms snowstorm

It meets it with dogs on the way because the person of the designer who came yesterday is a dog lover.
Though it goes out to stroll together and to come back around three o'clock ‥

[Iyaa;]?The road is hot.
It has turned back thinking that dog [tachino] [nikukyuu] is done in this on the way.

[N]?‥ such season [kaa;] already ‥ Then, the dog-walking is a summer time ‥ Since the evening of the earliness in the morning.

Because the wind blows for a moment today
Well when the cherry blossoms snowstorm will be seen and it goes to walk with dogs. The wind must be terrible.

The mask shifts.
The petal of cherry blossoms flies and [pashipashipashi] in the face. [Tte] is hit, and it is scary and [tayoo;].

The ear is overturned to dogs.
It ..[ngatta] face [shitekitsu].. walked with [suggoi].

[Sateto] , this day is [masu] of going in the hot yoga, too.
Health the first [].

[] that is not [shaki] [-].

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thorough cleaning in morning

Eyes had yesterday were shut and the standstill 50 steps were tried in the place a little while ago.
Only the desire ..left.. turned very much in case of end and one's feet [mi].
However, it did not shift behind like yesterday.


It aims at six-pack abs, and it is stretch and breath [yaruzo] [-] [uo;] [] today.

Food [tto] today is cleaned thoroughly in the morning because the person of the same designer comes to the house to play in the previous company.

However, especially recently
It thinks of ..happiness.. [-] in such a tiny thing.

Let's go to the [sateto] stroll.

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Movement restart

It has gone to experience the hot yoga yesterday.
By sweating in [choro] in the latter half and the head though it did for one hour.

There is a shower, too and because facilities were also beautiful, it though the yoga is a studio of the main
I will have bought the free pass for one month, and try variously.

Therefore, it is "Pelvis stretch" today that has been done today.
Eyes are shut and standstill 50 steps in the place ‥.
Do you roll it up [suggo] sooner or later?‥

It cods it ..encounter.. .., aspect.. television along the other day ..seeing...
Methods of respiration that actor's [biki] Ryosuke said even if lumbago recovered were done.
Moreover, it passed at the age of 50 and stomach muscles seem to have cracked in this breath.
When the breath was vomited, the side almost hung though it tried at home.

Will be it a hot yoga or this methods of respiration that felt heavy in the body the next day ‥ Let's continue for a moment variously.
, breath ..encounter.. method is ↓ ..this it...

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Google real time retrieval

A real-time retrieval has come out when the delay of the train will be confirmed because the earthquake happened, and it retrieves it with Google by "Toyoko line" this morning.

"Google real time retrieval" ..terrible.. ..not knowing...

Surely, Convenient.It is mortified somehow not to be able to master it.

So..good..interest..real name..for a moment..resistance..surely..again..master.

However, there is saying when working, and a wide variety of not knowing ‥.

It is not [zu] [] and no study even if it becomes how many.

However ‥,
The Google teacher is terrible.

The Google real time retrieval is this ↓.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Male dog piezou , is not energetic.

The evening slept at 10:30.
I want always to sleep at time like this ‥ each other Though it was woken up by male dog [piezou] at four o'clock of ,.

It reserved it thinking going to the experience lesson of the hot yoga a little while ago tomorrow.

I will drink for a long time lonesomely, ..result [dakara].. move treatment, and warm its body.
Because the yoga stretches oneself, it is pleasant.

It ..[narerumo].. ..[gaarutte].. frantically envies it ‥ my favorite movement however in reality though it might be good.

One month from earthquake the 11th it today.
I think that my being able to do after all continuously writes daily life always though it thought whether I may write only that it is good by even not coming for a long time.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Today's wind was terrible. Nobody was strolling in the dog at all.

The [iyaa;] this day is [fuu;] ..going by two places in the hospital...

The earthquake in the evening was also large so often ‥.
It is always surprised for that portable [kyuinkyuintte] warning sound.

The re-do ..excrement excrement.. affray in the rate of ..male dog [piezou].. [ku] about one hour after [desa] and the earthquake and after [suggoi] [mizu] had been drunk, it had put it out thinking [matajojo] [ttoyaruka] before it slept of [te].
However, it doesn't do ‥.
Therefore, though it put in [kure-to]
After that, the affray of the excrement excrement excrement excrement again in about one hour.
It put out thinking it is poor, and, however, it is not done though it was going to disregard as bladder [panpanda] ‥.

Hey when sleep is lowered because it jumped on the bed in [de] and the bedroom, [ri] [n] that comes to surroundings of the head of [pie;] [ru] is [bi] worth ‥.

I was scary due to the earthquake ..[piezou] at that time.. or was ‥ and thought whether [jojo] [ttoshitaidake].

[A;] ..whether do not understand actually at all.. even if it will always think of [piezoutachi].
It only had to embrace coming [yu;] [tto] closely at that time.

Feelings to think of the other party : though man is also so.
It is likely not to transmit, and to pass well ‥.

It is difficult.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's go for a walk today to where ‥.

It wrote the other day.
Shop "Yokohama Lotus" in which seat (The table : only by two) on the outside cannot fully do tea every time when going ‥.

It challenged again because it was fine.
[De] and one seat are [aitetanoyo] !.
[Oo;]. ‥ The appearance is strange.

[Occhangaite] next to the seat that becomes vacant.
Talking to the person who passes the shop front is said or twines.
In addition, it seems to get drunk drinking the beer apparently when approaching.

[Uu;]?When sitting on the next table
There are dogs, too and it is possible to get twisted surely ‥ [Uu;].

It is [de], and [shi] of an arrant sign that stands from the seat in the [occhansuggoimattari] mode though coming [takara] and [omo] saw the appearance for a moment from a long distance with great pains.

The weed has been [ikiiki]ed, and cherry blossoms bloom slowly so often ‥.

It is [sunoo;] at a good season.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It is happy to see furniture and miscellaneous goods.

The desk of the move of the company is laid out yesterday, it goes to see furniture, and it chooses from the catalog.

Old was happy after a long time.

It had awoken before the alarm clock became it this morning.
It is unusual ‥.
Does not these kind of things be once a year or exist ‥?

It ..[sateto] [mi].. doesn't accumulate.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Various changing mind

[Muu;] ‥
It is not time when it is lonesomely because of being likely being likely to decide the move of the company in GW and a variety of to do.
[Uo;] [uo;] [uo;] [].

More easily than a usual move because it is a movement to 2F. From 3F of the building even if you say the move of ..encounter.. ,

It broadens for a moment than now.
It will become easy to clean because it becomes flooring from the carpet.
At this occasion, I think that I throw away, clean, and roll up the unnecessary one.

When cleaning it, [umu] because you may not think about an extra thing just good timing...

The event that happens to me
It catches it because it is thought that all are significant.

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It is every day of the animal assisted therapy in what nature.

A regrettable event happens today ‥.
It takes the elevator at home lonesomely and the cod.
It is surprised ..doing.. [-] because the [kkai] golden retriever gets on by [suggoi].
Weight ‥ It is a size without whether about 100kg.

It was worried [te] with unsteady steps.

Moreover, the dog is well when I smile as the person seems to like it. Tried to cling to [gaba] and me and when thinking my cuff [beroberonamemakuttekunkunshita] because the switch entered ‥ Aunt [chan] was not able to be suppressed and it was serious.

House..enter..this out.。

However, such dogs are seen.
It went for a walk, other dogs also played together by the dog run, and it became energetic ..cod.. for a moment.

[Sugoina] [-] ‥ Dog's [chikara] :.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pekorin of The Bank of Yokohama

There is a distance there from the entrance to the counter though it went to the headquarters of The Bank of Yokohama to pay a tax yesterday.

It enters and there is a bank clerk in the entrance at once.
The ATM corner and the vicinity of one person and the [demotte] counter are one person ‥.

Because everyone bows and greet considerably deeply, it greets here [motsuipekorin].

Therefore, ten times of [rumade] are [pekorindawayo] in the bank though it goes to the counter. about five times

[Iyaa;]?The angle there is not so seen in another ‥.

However, the greeting thinks of important [dayona] in a terrible, basic thing.

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