Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pilates was not able to take today ‥.

[Muu;]?I think no sleep soundly in the evening ‥.

Because it doesn't enter [kure-to] at male dog [piezou] [neru] recently ‥ It doesn't enter even if sweets are flashed.

Because it freely lays down ahead and it fractured
When sleeping, it put it in [kure-to] since then.

It dislikes it in [de] and the evening.
[Pu] [pu] sleeps after it pillows of me and [te].
When I also look up at the face of [piezou] as ..sleep [tarapiezou].. [mukkuri] gets up, slaver is very [ni] of my eyes though it is narrow. [Hyoe] [] ‥ Well, and the eye medicine was pierced and it slept though it was not thought that there was [nan] either.

[N]?On the bed
I think that it moves sneaking about ‥.

What shall we do in the future?

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