Sunday, July 3, 2011

After all, does not the movement suffice only by the dog-walking ‥?

It became a selfish story very told in the afternoon, and even Chiba ..holding suddenly.. went to night game golf yesterday.


Moreover, is it 3m, and unpleasantness, and does decide the putt of the par of about 5m with hesitancy by 4m, and falling [fuu;]?It did instead of ‥ cane it when ♪ decided the pose of pleasure as for the club while [yoroyoro]ing it.

Moreover, it lonesomely becomes it about selfishness where the driver is flying only by about 100 yards ‥.

[Uu;]?The pain like neuralgia occurred, and ..body.. oh of [watashi] what on earth. say this lumbago do the stretch the other day

It is such weakening [chii] a [tai] and [iinoka] !. ?

It spottily strikes spottily ‥.

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