Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How will it become it in one week??

It was going [tawayo] in Nautilus room from that yesterday. Pilates [zansu] . because there was no class of the yoga falling ・・ yesterday.
[Iyaa;]?It was tight when doing after a long time.
[Umuu;]?After all, my yoga is better ‥.

! is..So manufacturer..without permission..say.
[Kirarii;]?[N]. [Fufufufufufufufufu] .

Because it seems to do at the hotel
Coffee or the drink is ..[deruyone].. surely. it[Fuffuu;]?About ♪ ..saying.. [-] [noi] [-], it is [mattari] and [kirebasa] . in the lounge at the hotel.
The tea [shitario] sake is drunk at the hotel, and it waits, and I like it.

Coming [ya;]?Coming [ya;]?[Fuffuu;]?♪

[] for that.
It was so, and did not disregard it in [pa] [chi] of the recent furniture manufacturer ‥ each other Unpleasant unpleasant ,, and it worked hard that pants that were [patsupatsu] were able to be swept and is ! though it was possible to sweep.
Therefore, spin [shiyou] is trowed for a moment today.

[Iyaa;]? [arutteiine].

Were you settled though it was work and it was irritation Eliza in the evening if it thought about [pa] [chi] by burying the face under the hair on the chest of male dog [piezou]?


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do you go if Nautilus room is in the apartment house?

[Uu;]?‥ Inside [ga] and [pukuttenatterunoyo] ! of left ear
Mosquito [nisasaretaka] !?
The [ntte] ..[puu;] this morning.. mosquito incidently is [shitanoyo] ..jumping sound.. !.

Getting [e;] [tto] and this month are the second another.
It was possible to go to Nautilus room only once this month ‥ Let's go in the future today because it was Closed tomorrow.

‥ wax that it is scared to swim at [] and [i;] ..putting out.. ..[].. ..putting out.. ..[].. recentness though it liked to swim so much what. however ..deflecting..
There is such a thing, too.

Can you swim in case of waiting or the pool where the person doesn't exist ‥?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

It is a party in the company for a moment.

[Muu;]?It is rain [kaa;] today ‥.
However, it is a Japanese syllabary where it can go dogs' strolling like cloudy weather in the afternoon.

In [chiku] and the party in the company food [tto] last night
The girl who left the company at the beginning of this year because of birth also brought the baby.
[Iyaa;]?It was happy to laugh because it drank after a long time with all companies.

All influential [shitetawayo] though the photograph was taken at the end.
Let's already increase the chance to meet the person for a moment ‥ Muscles of the face loosen, too, if not meeting the person. After all,

Corbicula and corbicula. doing

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

When the puppy is seen, the smile is instinctively seen at any time.

Is it [sunoo;] because of rain today from the morning?・・

Getting [e;] [tto]
On the weekend though small bird's wing was going to be rested
The puppy was cleaned by seeing and, after all, rolled up in a pet counter in the do-it-yourself store.

[Saa;] and occasionally lonesomely
It is likely to become irritation Eliza, and it limits it to the cleaning at such time.
It is cleaning [dawayo] when making it to [ira].

Because it encountered and dogs were also good together at the oyster bar also with , at lunch in the terrace seat, it was good.

The souvenir by which everyone in the company went out during summer vacation is brought together and [sateto] , this night is drunk with [chiku] in the office.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It is likely not to tie even if it wants to tie.

[Muu;]?‥ It is an update after a long time.

The one's maternal grandmother actually died on the night of Friday of last week. an instant..pass.

[Muu;]?‥ The left person is [naa;] ..whether it is [tsunaguttekoto].. as for the life.

When grandparents and father who lives together die, such a thing : though was not thought at all ‥ Wax what.

Well though talked after a long time with the relative. Everyone ..hold.. also variously :.

What is it ‥ Confidence is lost and weakening [terundayona] ‥.

Well it is soliloquy for [ji], and writing [chaukedosa] , [fu] . spottily after all though try to be written ..apologizing.. thinking of [itte] because it has already hung it on the person when it is [desa] low-spirited by feeling as bright as possible. think of [ikkatte] it is not possible to write
It is feeling to rest the wing of such pat a small bird that doesn't come.

Do rejoicing however after all and [nihasa] of ..wanting to meet.. relative ..
Additionally, it meets paternal relatives because it was an equinoctial week, and the relative point shutting up.

Moreover, "Have it grown fat?" is ..saying.. [waretawayo].
Spottily spottily ‥
Moreover, [dawayo] with the gesture that rounds the face.

Spottily spottily ‥

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skirt appearance of phantom

Only [pa] easy [chi] of yesterday's furniture manufacturer is []. [Fuffuu;]?♪

First though it was thought that it went alone
The person who was doing work related to the interior of the [gorufusutajiosuburiba] connection because it was special was invited and it went together.

It was able to meet nostalgic people, too.
It was Listener for a long time in the boast recentness in after a long time. feeling it talked about happy catch

! is..[] so often. To the same boy in the previous company
「Have it grown fat?Do it swell so much if it does very?」[Tte] ..saying.. [waretawayo].
Certainly ‥ It is [ri] when it says.

Because pants thought to put.
Very much. Thigh..lonesomely.
Therefore, it is [haitawayo] as for the skirt that hides hips that there is no other way.
Is the skirt shaken for about ten years?No, the duck more.

[Yabai]. [Yabaiwayo] !
It returns, and it is weight [haka], and [panpukurin] of the impact. Moreover, it grew up rapidly.
It has increased from nostalgic people met yesterday by 10kg.

[Desa]?‥ The weight of the Pieta is 10kg that is [-] ..along...
[Aa;] ‥ Such fat attaches to where ‥ [Shobo] [n].

Let's become thin ‥ It becomes thin, and it is [surenda] [-bo] and [i;ninarunda] !. [Fuu;].

It is laser operation [zansu] . in dermatology [de] and today from the morning.
It has canceled, it still exists or in the evening, [fuu;] because it is far for a moment who is the Chinese medicine outpatient afterwards though it was a schedule of the dentist though it apologizes to feel sick. anesthetized ..making fun.. , it・・

Do it anesthetize, and was it painful?
Moreover, it is tired out [dawayo] when ending as strained to what nature.

I want to be slow tomorrow ‥.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It went to eat the yakitori.

It is rain for a long time today ‥ It is not possible to go dogs' strolling.

So of the the medicine is not taken after all, it is [naa;], and [muu;] ..not good.. though the inside of the thigh is washed every day. [Mumuu;]?・・

It said to the yakitori that it encountered and it is in Shimo-Akatsuka with the people of [gorufusutajiosuburiba] , aspect aspect last day and eating.
It was far from [iyaa;] home ‥.
However, it was cheap as usual, grew old, and it swore it.
It became a full stomach by five yakitoris.

[Muu;]?Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F
Match [surutte] will seem surely to be said by bowling again ‥.

Is [sateto] , this day Aoyama hereafter and [chi] of [pa] of the furniture manufacturer?[Gaarunoda]?[Fuffuu;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?

[Yattaa;]?[Pa] [chi] [pa] [chi] [fuffuu;]?Can you meet nostalgic ♪ people?[Fuffuu;]?♪

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fortune teller face

[Uu;]?‥ The evening before it sleeps
The face was not buried under light hair on the chest of male dog [piezou].
[Uu;] of the feeling not filled though it slept. remainAfter all, it is useless.

Having a long talk is [tta] when greeting it because the aunt who had taken the dog came approaching Now in the park when going encountering and , aspect aspect last day dogs' strolling. [tte] sit down by the aunt
Seeming And, ‥ Does the usual :?It is [ni] listener.

Because it massaged it on the lawn ..sitting..
It was in aunt's breast ..[arinko].. ..[aru]...
It encounters, there is ,, and [nko] [hara] was given.

[N]?‥ Incidently, to the person who is the fortune teller in Omotesando
"You become face [shiteruyo] and a fortune teller who is suitable for the fortune teller" : though has been said.

However, what ..putting out.. ・・ round face is the face suitable for the fortune teller?
Well [iikedosa] .

! is..Isn't "Hair on the chest of fortune-telling + [piezou] of [kazurin]" good?
After I foretell it, the face is buried under the hair on the chest of guest [sangapiezou].

You see [hahahahahaha] of ..saying.. [-]

Is the book on the fortune-telling bought?

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Night game golf & birthday party

After all, it has gone to night game golf on Saturday.
It is [buridawayo] to go out to the course during half a year.

It did not have pains in the leg more than it thought.
[Muu;]?Making to the rest moved in the muscle. Person..say.It was good, and the pain doesn't become awful.

There is a report from F Sawa of Mr./Ms. of [suburiba] in daytime on [de] and Sunday.
Is [yarukaratte] invited by the surprise and is golf companion's birthday party moved to Takanawa?。
Person's house of the birthday is entered and [pa] [chi] of the sukiyaki birthday.
The person in question was surprised because it returned and there was fully a person.
It eats drinking and [panpukurin].

[Iyaa;]?However, the unexpected past of various people was understood and it was interesting.
It seems to actually drive Ducati around and there to be a companion in the whole country though the most much having been surprised is a woman of delicate feeling ‥.

Such an unpredictable quality is interesting.
‥ Coming [takototteko] and [damonnee;] the ..[muu;].. current.

[N]?[Naina] [-] ‥

Start [ruka] something. ?Unexpected thing

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Will it be a listener face?

[Uu;]?‥ It hears a little and [yo] ! of the wife.

It moved for a moment because it encountered and it did not move at the unpleasantness recentness of ,, it depended, it was thought [-], started walking in Nautilus room after the dog-walking of one hour yesterday, and Pilates did the machine.

The gem of [mattari] and [ki] attaches fully at [de] and the end.
The leg was put on it because there was something like the massage to which it rotated and the leg was put and it [korokorokorokoro]ed it.

Now then, the aunt of the first meeting has talked to sitting soon on the next. [Maa;iiyo] and it.

..story.. well of [desa] and the aunt. ..stopping.. [ranaikoto].
‥ It is various bullet toque.

[Uu;]?I am is easy to speak.. [inoka] ? what. !
Because it is a round face, it is [ka] ?.

However, "The crowd and I are hated" :.
When the story is heard, feeling like the Nola cat looks like me for a moment ‥.

..passing.. [ki] ..cervine stripes.. comes ‥.
It is [korokorokorokoro] thinking that the talk might end if it comes when as for the leg ‥.

Now ..becoming... painful under the calf gradual
However, when I stop the switch here, I : soon therefore with return [rutteko] though it was thought that the back of the foot was thought that it is also impolite to stop the aunt who is making it happily story or was [korokoro]ed and done in the next.
It is unpleasant and a duck for talked 30 minutes more. think with setting up knee [cchu]

The aunt stops the switch with [puchi] at the end by a refreshing face. 「Was it happy to talk?Then, do ahead?」[Tte] left ‥ 99.8% aunt spoke.

Well, saying : to another.
It ..[de].. stepped into a bath, the paddy also saw the leg, and it extended it by & stretch.

[Demosa] ?It has a pain in the leg.

It is [nainodakedosa] . of ..reeling.. , because of the aunt.
It plays golf all in a company after a long time in this ‥ It will be impossible [kanaa;] tomorrow ‥.

[Shobo] [n] ‥

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If it is possible to work, it might be happy of such an advertisement ‥.

In Shibuya station ‥ yesterday

There was a poster that made up backing of [kinkirago-rudo] and put on a Japanese coiffure of the fair hair and golden kimono ....actress's [kinsan] Sugai.. gold-leafed folding screen...

The copy of the advertisement is a word ‥. "Living to have"

[Kuu;] [yarareta] !
It is ..tickle.. [raretawayo] as for the heart.
After all, it has instinctively retrieved on the net though what advertisement it is is not understood and it returned to the house ‥.

Moreover, it does so and it writes in the blog ‥ [Kuu;]?
[Uu;]?As for [hama], I who put it away am successfully mortifying in advertising agency's trap ‥.

The advertising job Now that ..encounter.. means [-] however is to do [suggoi] [raku] when thinking ‥.

Pages where the image is recorded because it is mortifying are not linked.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rain and the soil smell and I haven't seen you for a long time.

Is it [sunoo;] because of rain today from the morning?・・

Tartar was taken, there was a decayed tooth or it went to a new dentist for the medical examination yesterday.

‥, and the teacher was a sales of what.. quotient [kearu] person, and it has been stopped to go after all when calling to reserve the dentist in Shibuya to which it went ahead.

And, the reservation seems not to accept a new illness moreover fully very much before two months now when it calls the dentist who wanting goes most near the house.

It is easy for the teacher whether feeling the dentist in the town, and to speak though the place in which it went [de] and yesterday was a point where the reputation is good by word of mouth.

[N]?"It is here" quite is who says.. ..being found.. [ranaindayona].

The telephone must so often
Dogs injected rabies in the veterinary hospital on Sunday.

From the teacher on Sunday night
" "Very afterwards the [piezouchan] Pieta had the telephone, and there was very a telephone on Monday morning when "It was more obedient for a moment than usual" was said.
It is always ..[nakaa;].. full because of The ripe immature ear ..the worry what it is.. ‥.

It is ‥ [moarushi] of ..suitable.. [wanaitteiu] that there are variously [maa;demo] and teacher, too that suits me.

The encounter, and the telephone is controlled the impression of the company and the shop, and sleeps in [-] though always thinks if it doesn't take care because the face is not seen.

The Kannai [doubutsu] clinic is Mr./Ms. Nakamura while it is here ↓.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is muscular pain tomorrow??

[Iyaa;]?To after a long time on Saturday
The golf club was gripped and it brandished it in the whir.

The golf tile comes to want to do the mystery and golf for a while though thought if it brandishes it.

The person is straw very straw around nine o'clock when going in the night of [de] and Sunday at the time of the staying open until late at night where the at bat became free ‥ There was a person who was waiting for the at bat to become vacant, too.

[A;] ..Fuji classic ..[arekanaa;] and Ryo Ishikawa.. Sankei it.. ..the victory.. ..seeing it.. ..the excitement of all.. ..whether it is likely to come.. ‥?Everyone is energetic in spite of Sunday night.
, energetic [nakoto] is [iikoccha] ..

It became empty tired out by one [kago] yesterday though 3 and four [kago] were able to be stricken ahead in the whir for a moment why.
[Yabainaa;]?Physical strength fell ‥.

Spottily spottily ‥

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It looks for impression once a day.

It ran by the dog run to one's heart's content yesterday.
Because it put on sandals, [betabetabeta] is held while making the sound.
..being possible to go.. [fu] . ..[iyaa;].. still

Recent so often ‥
It is thought that a day is not importantly spent, and the corbicula and the corbicula

After all, the page of "Today does" that drove me in was not able to be cleaned for two days book [itano] ..a variety of doing...

Might not make be some targets by you.
As for the [katoitte] work ‥
When it is not a regular life because it becomes a work mode at a dash and it gives priority to work more than meal, it becomes it.

Work is is likely to only have it to be being possible to do.. [kedosa] .. happy any favorite thing
It is difficult ‥.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It was not possible to run yesterday.

Yesterday though it runs and [rutte] was written by the dog run to one's heart's content ‥ Now, and it suddenly feels sick from that in the evening and it is : to stand up and to walk finally in feeling ‥.

It is tired out with sit on the floor and a cod.
"Hinder leg [pero] [n]" ‥ of the appearance with which it was always pleased [Chorochoro], [ttekite], and I ..male dog [piezou].. did many times.
Though it showed with pleasure with tired out.

‥ Did you ..[maa;piezounari].. worry?
[Fu] , [kawaee;]?[Yatsuyonoo;]?

It came back without raging by the dog run though it was possible to go strolling of dogs after it did ..[de].. a little somehow.

[Naa;] probably because of the medicine that began to be taken the day before yesterday what ‥ each other Even , : if it doesn't think so because it feels sick when drinking in the conviction so.

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