Thursday, September 9, 2010

Will it be a listener face?

[Uu;]?‥ It hears a little and [yo] ! of the wife.

It moved for a moment because it encountered and it did not move at the unpleasantness recentness of ,, it depended, it was thought [-], started walking in Nautilus room after the dog-walking of one hour yesterday, and Pilates did the machine.

The gem of [mattari] and [ki] attaches fully at [de] and the end.
The leg was put on it because there was something like the massage to which it rotated and the leg was put and it [korokorokorokoro]ed it.

Now then, the aunt of the first meeting has talked to sitting soon on the next. [Maa;iiyo] and it.

..story.. well of [desa] and the aunt. ..stopping.. [ranaikoto].
‥ It is various bullet toque.

[Uu;]?I am is easy to speak.. [inoka] ? what. !
Because it is a round face, it is [ka] ?.

However, "The crowd and I are hated" :.
When the story is heard, feeling like the Nola cat looks like me for a moment ‥.

..passing.. [ki] ..cervine stripes.. comes ‥.
It is [korokorokorokoro] thinking that the talk might end if it comes when as for the leg ‥.

Now ..becoming... painful under the calf gradual
However, when I stop the switch here, I : soon therefore with return [rutteko] though it was thought that the back of the foot was thought that it is also impolite to stop the aunt who is making it happily story or was [korokoro]ed and done in the next.
It is unpleasant and a duck for talked 30 minutes more. think with setting up knee [cchu]

The aunt stops the switch with [puchi] at the end by a refreshing face. 「Was it happy to talk?Then, do ahead?」[Tte] left ‥ 99.8% aunt spoke.

Well, saying : to another.
It ..[de].. stepped into a bath, the paddy also saw the leg, and it extended it by & stretch.

[Demosa] ?It has a pain in the leg.

It is [nainodakedosa] . of ..reeling.. , because of the aunt.
It plays golf all in a company after a long time in this ‥ It will be impossible [kanaa;] tomorrow ‥.

[Shobo] [n] ‥

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