Thursday, August 4, 2011

When my face is Takikawa Kristel ‥

It occurs at 4 AM because it went to sunlight for golf yesterday.
It strikes from [regyura-tei;], and two on [dawayo] after a long time.
Might not be happy it if can do such be usual [aa;] golf.

, aspect aspect hair was cut the encounter.
[Iyaa;]?"Please make [otona] lovely" ‥ is [nakattanee;] it is possible to say [-] ‥.

Did Maru become a round cutting nowadays ..encounter.. Maru of ,?
It shall not be [demonaa;], and, after all, the face be the Showa era.

When I am a face like waterfall Japanese chestnut ‥ [Hahaha] is [hahaha] . that might surely be a variety of changes.

, I ..reeling.. am , falling ..saying.. . in these weeny eyes, round faces, and us ..doing.. though am [-].

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