Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adult little association


Is does the time of the dog-walking become after the evening as for summer, and six o'clock?It meets the people who are strolling considerably around seven o'clock.
It gathered in the park by 12 with the straw straw yesterday.

An owner not good either must arrive for a moment yesterday and ‥ Do you say ‥ Personal space [wosu] [toba] is done though it is neither a type that doesn't exist in my circumference nor a distance.
That feeling that wants to bring the people who do not know together [hakihaki]ed too much indescribably : ‥ It is hard to get hold of among and takes care with.

Because [otona] of ..encounter.. , there. Talked [fu] .
However, does the other party also think that it thinks of good unexpectedly so?
[A;] ..whether run... It is mysterious.
[Iyaa;]?It has said spottily.

It was forgotten to encounter and to do , [souda] [touroku].
When the admission fee of the nearby kennel and the annual membership fee register by the end of August, it is free [nanoyo] !.

I think that I register while this.. campaigning for the time being though Well it says and it is not scheduled to go some place.

Though it is still hot ‥
Memories of everyone's summer are [nandai] ?.

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