Thursday, March 31, 2011

It leaves going ..running away... It is April.


Now ..entering one after another... work
Were not you able to update it because it had worked silently?[Fuu;]?‥ The web site of today's improvement is enough, and it completes the first stage for a moment.

The Chinese medicine outpatient goes, and goes to being tax [hara] today ‥.

[Aa;]?I want to bury its face under light hair on the chest touching dogs to one's heart's content.

Though it sneaks about in [aa;] and nearby ‥
It heals and I think [sareterundana] [-] to be light ..[aa;] and what nature.. ..that...

[Sateto] , this day is [-] of ..running fast.. [ruzo].

[Uo;] []

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small desire

In the shop of Yokohama Lotus today
It went to walk even if dogs also filled a tiny desire named tea [suru] together.

There though it walks about one hour to go ‥ [Muu;]?It was regrettable and, after all, was full.

It went to [gu-tsu] though it was thought that it ..[de].. returned because it was special.

[Iyaa;]?It is possible to speak outside with tea [shite] tub [ronna] [nin], and it is happy and [taa;] ‥.

The especially impressive one came near by the person such as aunts and the mother, and looked back on total of degrees of the hand how many at the end ‥ the person like the mother.

Afterwards, so that three uncles try to approach dogs sitting on the next seat ‥ Two that always snuggles to the person is a shy why.
When I say "Each other Do not give, and I'm sorry by the sweet , one" with a smile, [sonoocchan] though one person ([de] and [occhan]) tears up the Ann doughnut by the hand and "Love []" was done to male dog [piezou]. 「In ..putting.. ,. Does it eat sleep [chan]?」[Ttesa] ‥ It is possible to laugh.

[Iyaa;]?..making fun.. , that was long stroll
It was possible to speak with the color [nna] person, it became happy somehow feelings, and it returned.

Owner not good for a moment who never matches his eyes even if passing each other in dog-walking with me.

It is not a translation the favor, and [ikka] that all all [maa;demo] meets to the person.

It was happy ‥.

The Yokohama Lotus is here ↓.

[Gu-tsu] is ↓ it...

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank you Yokohama CIAL

Yokohama CIAL ‥ : yesterday.
Food counter leakage ・・ whole building in my loved underground has closed the store.

The half of the enjoyment where it went to Yokohama would be a food counter of CIAL ‥ It said or it were not [kojareta] feeling and you may also exist also [demotteo] profitable feeling in a usual supermarket.

In closing the store at five o'clock of the evening
After all, it has gone around four o'clock though it was not scheduled to go.

Imagination..thing..too much..provide..but..fresh fish..corner..terrible..person..aunt..seasoned cod
It only had to buy the profitable more one ‥.

Well, is it good because it was able to be in CIAL on the last day ‥?

Good-bye CIAL ‥ It loved.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magic and CC lemon of greeting


It is "Magic of the greeting. " in CM of ..encounter.. , AC.

The hand is matched to dogs recently and it plays.
Everyone in the company seems also to say what it is ‥ That [fu] , looseness is good.

‥ It is tickled with that head by the dance.

That [popopopo] so often?Illustration of [n]
It seems to be different when thinking Japanese hotchpotch [kunno] Lily Frankie.

[Furuba-shon] was found a little while ago for one minute.
↓ ..encounter and emitting , sound.. this "Magic of greeting"v=EsRm78ZSOgc

Being possible , ..encounter.. to come is ..putting out.. [ruyo] ↓ of the sound. this "CC lemon"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Piezou ‥

[Yona] recently who is ..male dog [piezou].. [zouzou] mama's baby

Trimmer's sleep [channi] the other day
"Three years old of the dog is still child or in Tsutsumi who doesn't get ..[piezou].. [ama] ‥ By when do you depend too much?" is "The mama's baby surely thinks that it is a mama's baby for a long time ..already [otona] three years old.." [ttesa] . when it hears it.
[N]?Overreliance [rukaa;] for a long time ‥

The excrement opinion ..excrement.. to depend too much was expressed in [yoru] in [kure-to] and the moment excrement excrement had been put out from [jojo] [ttoyatteta] ‥ because it barked before it slept in the evening Now male dog ..reeling.. [piezou] that was [-] though it would not be a rest room.

The excrement excrement only depended too much though it went out after all ‥.


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Monday, March 21, 2011

Radio physical exercise the first

Recently, I also did ‥ because a tune of the radio gymnastics a little while ago flowed, and I ..sleep [chantachi].. moved.

Sleep [chantachi] is radio idly [pishi] in childhood though it did physical exercise. [Pishi]. Move. It remembered unexpectedly.
It is not possible to go in [fu] , my memory still.

The radio gymnastics of three quantiles might sweat profusely of DVD of [moriyoukosan] of purchase [taame] of the other day "Method of pelvis RPB" though as much as 20 minutes are also good ‥.

, I ..encounter.. have not become all of a sweat yet by "20 ..all of a sweat.. minutes".

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It attends the wedding.

It was able to attend the wedding safely and was good on Saturday ‥.
Though the earthquake happened when drinking all after it encounters and , ends.

[Iyaa;]?It has cried about four times can the cry of the wedding.

It seems just to have been parents' wedding anniversaries though the day of the wedding was bridegroom's birthday.
Father must cry and when presenting it to bridegroom's parents by the surprise ‥ [Iyaa;]?It is weeping in sympathy.

Such an earthquake : especially ..continue...
There was a reason why the day was not able to be removed ‥.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tomorrow ‥ The wedding of the child in the company.

Because it is auspicious
The sound of the real-time earthquake information that continues every day though it goes out while getting excited if the usual ‥ It is scared for a moment that not only the earthquake it goes to Tokyo at such time in it.

It is necessary to frequent the clinic for a while at such time ‥.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How do it become it?

It took four [te] hours crowding at such time on the day however terrible on the day of the clinic.

There is no thing, and it when going to the supermarket even if going to the convenience store on one's return
There was fully meat why with the fish though there was no cake at all.

There is no person in the park at all today ‥.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I think that it shakes even when not shaking it is what ‥.

The other day mail came so often.
Now in the [suggoichinchikurinna] translation though think that it gets American's child the answer, and written with a free translation software ‥.

, ..encounter.. Japanese is ? that the reason for is not that it is strange ..trowing selfishly...
In ..[suggoi] [shin] externals.. word with hesitancy
「I?..the desire..」It wrote and the translation button was pushed.
[Uu;]?It thinks of English, thin [narana] [-] at such time.

[Muu;]?It is very [daa;] no matter what it lacks though spends like seem always being natural.

It notices when there is something.
Getting to the sickness is [u;] ..peel.. ..peel.. [muu;] so.

It wetly spent it though it was a birthday yesterday.

They are thanks ‥.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


[Iyaa;]?‥ Earthquake [sugokatta] ‥

After updating the blog yesterday
It was in the door thinking going dogs' to stroll.

From [pie;] [ru] before it just goes out of the house there
It did not go strolling because "Please buy the image from the site by hurry" had the telephone and it faced the personal computer.

Then, it shakes suddenly and surprise [dawayo].
[Yusa] [yusa] shook widely, and it felt sick while got seasick ..what...
It is surprised [te] because the high-rise apartment of facing shakes when the outside is seen.
The elevator was a stop and it existed for a long time after all in the room.

However, it goes strolling like that and the cod.
Is whether it just took an elevator [oo;]?[Purupurupurupuru].

All were good as safe when contacting the people who lived in the friend or Tohoku. a long

It was made a variety of ideas what it was ‥ [Fuu;].

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What let's is done on the weekend.

Will be the day of the establishment of the company and Sunday birthdays getting [e;] [tto] tomorrow?[Fuffuu;]?♪

..[nanode] born month.. oh.
It is reward "Nola cat month" [dawayo] in me. [Fuffuu;]?Is it already 11 even if it is called ♪ ‥?

What shall we do at the [aa;] end of the week?
The weather seems to be good.

Even ..encounter.. , : the cleaning of the house saved up.
Doing to some degree must do a refreshing nature and ‥ easily It is putting things in order [teokuka] by the end of today as for one important person. ‥

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cleaning switch

One o'clock of the middle of the night ‥
Moreover, in the rate of ..male dog [piezou].. [ku]

Water was drunk in great force when putting it out because it did not quiet down.
After all, water, Drink.。

Doing collects because it doesn't do the house cleaning recently and it rolls it up so often.
[Aa;]?If dogs do not wash ‥ either

Tamotsu beautifully hangs the house.
It is dirty as soon as not restlessly doing.

Recently, does not the switch of the cleaning enter?
Corbicula and corbicula doing

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time of stroll

Now because it snowed yesterday.
I thought it was slowly competent because it was not possible to go walk the dog ‥.

When the under is whiffing seen feeling the weight of one's eyes because it becomes time however that always goes for a walk, [tto] of ..male dog [piezou].. [,jii;] my face is not seen.

It brandishes in the whir holding the square cushion in one's mouth though the surgical knife dog Pieta is a yawp commotion in [toiu] and , backs ‥.

And, does [piezoumo] join and does [gya-gya-gya-gya-] also by two?It doesn't become work.
Because it was ..timing.. often why cloudy, it went, and it will stroll.

It stops work for a while and the stroll. [de]
Do you make noise though move the time of the stroll a little every day?
Spottily spottily ‥

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Touch" was read.

[Iyaa;]?It is surprised to snow [te] this morning.
Does dogs' strolls take a rest today?・・

It is [sabottete] for a long time in recent as for the cleaning of the house.
It was just good because doing is a phlegm ball and there work, too.
[Muu;]?After all, is the cleaning useless if it doesn't do always restlessly?

It was a day of the clinic so often yesterday.
Whether two and a half usual hours until the examination endsBecause it takes four hours
[Pie;] [ruga] "It is good when crying bitterly reading touch at waiting time" was lent.
「Such crying bitterly [ttenee;]?..‥.. ..cartoon.. ?」It exchanged ..[tte].. lightly, it took, and touch was read in the waiting room.

[Iyaa;]?It cried, and the corbicula and the corbicula
A surrounding person : because it did the mask though he or she doesn't think that it noticed.

Feel like Incidently, if there was a live-action version, too touch was, and might have done Minami to doing of whom ‥.

[Te] book was not read reading touch after all though the book on web not read for a long time in recent by the encounter and , deflecting and one respondent was taken ‥ [Koremata] and [baiyabai].

Be not weak when volitional ..[uu;].. as usual. ・・

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Shopping of adult of yearning

It went shopping with mother today.

Well. Coming [ya;] [kya] chose dressing while bubbling over.

My [hatoiu] and ?
Silently, daily necessaries used every day were bought.

After all, it stopped it though it was thought that anxious socks were bought it was possible to wait for a moment ..unpleasant...

Do not grow up. ‥ [Fu]

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I think that feelings are better than the people who not are.

I want recent and the sweet one.
The seal of 30%OFF was pasted yesterday.
It put it in Montblanc of the harmony chestnut, and the hand inadvertently expanded and it put it in the shopping basket.

All are after all eating → though cannot endure on [desa] and the television by chance, eat the cake, decide, "Easily I will eat only the half" [te] and it ..overweight.. ..coming.. the [rutteiu] program while seeing, and began to eat.

It is lonesome → in the weakness of my will.

It is putting out → in male dog [piezou] and the [itazurashimakuru] surgical knife dog Pieta that borrows the door while washing the washroom and borrows as for a voice loud as [ira].

[Shonbori] → [piezou]

→ ..making it to [ira] somehow... I weeny who makes it to [ira] see [shiterupiezou] a face that seems to be lonely

[Ira] and rest room cleaning → incidentally

..[terupie;] [runi] of work..
It is throwing out → recent day's "futsufutsu" with tears as for uneasy.

And, → lonesomely again.

[Piezou] and Pieta [topie;] ..[runi].. apology →

[Pu] [pu] slept.

[Aa;] ‥
It has become the story of ups and downs of feelings in the evening from the story of a sweet thing.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Isn't there something good method ‥?

I think that it steps into a bath in the evening.
Always though dogs are put in separate [kure-to] in the place of the door of the glass that sees the bathroom and it enters ‥

Two per [kure-to] was put together because it was troublesome to move [kure-to] in the evening, the chewing gum of sweets was held in one's mouth one by one, and it entered.

Is does it use for the bathtub, and [fuu;]?‥ It is as soon as having said.
The fight of the scramble for sweets started in [kure-to], it did, it was cool because the body did not get warm, thought of corbicula cold [hikuto], [-] was disregarded when the door of the bathroom was opened panicking, and it entered the bathtub again.

[Nmaa;]?Fight is done many times.
The surgical knife dog Pieta borrows, borrows the door, and does and : ‥ [Fuu;] that went out quickly in the feeling that enters slowly?。

[Sokka] of ..encounter.. ,.
It is ..putting.. [rebaiinoka] ! in [kure-to] only the Pieta.

[N]?It borrows surely however and it borrows the door ‥.

Do you want to step into a bath slowly [aa;]?

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Pain in runny nose + throat

[Iyaa;] ‥ Now, and it was still painful also this morning and it went to otolaryngology though the medicine was applied, the mask was done, and it slept because the nose drip on Friday continued, too getting a sore throat yesterday.

[Iyaa;]?..departure.. . otolaryngology and [suggoi] [ko]
Well. However, 40-minute waiting is [icho] [choro] [roi] compared with the clinic to which it goes regularly to hospital.

Well after the medicine is goggling applied to [de] and the throat. Smart..painful..cold..think..cod..teacher..cold....

Being likely even to get a sore throat if the allergic sensitivity goes out strongly at a dash : hay fever.

You seem should stop the inflammation because it causes it when thinking sweating by [de], the hot spring or the bedrock bathing ‥.

[Fuu;]?The body feels heavy, and [rubeshi] and pollen ....[uu;].. scaring.. [] ..‥.. ‥.

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