Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Isn't there something good method ‥?

I think that it steps into a bath in the evening.
Always though dogs are put in separate [kure-to] in the place of the door of the glass that sees the bathroom and it enters ‥

Two per [kure-to] was put together because it was troublesome to move [kure-to] in the evening, the chewing gum of sweets was held in one's mouth one by one, and it entered.

Is does it use for the bathtub, and [fuu;]?‥ It is as soon as having said.
The fight of the scramble for sweets started in [kure-to], it did, it was cool because the body did not get warm, thought of corbicula cold [hikuto], [-] was disregarded when the door of the bathroom was opened panicking, and it entered the bathtub again.

[Nmaa;]?Fight is done many times.
The surgical knife dog Pieta borrows, borrows the door, and does and : ‥ [Fuu;] that went out quickly in the feeling that enters slowly?。

[Sokka] of ..encounter.. ,.
It is ..putting.. [rebaiinoka] ! in [kure-to] only the Pieta.

[N]?It borrows surely however and it borrows the door ‥.

Do you want to step into a bath slowly [aa;]?

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