Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's go for a walk today to where ‥.

It wrote the other day.
Shop "Yokohama Lotus" in which seat (The table : only by two) on the outside cannot fully do tea every time when going ‥.

It challenged again because it was fine.
[De] and one seat are [aitetanoyo] !.
[Oo;]. ‥ The appearance is strange.

[Occhangaite] next to the seat that becomes vacant.
Talking to the person who passes the shop front is said or twines.
In addition, it seems to get drunk drinking the beer apparently when approaching.

[Uu;]?When sitting on the next table
There are dogs, too and it is possible to get twisted surely ‥ [Uu;].

It is [de], and [shi] of an arrant sign that stands from the seat in the [occhansuggoimattari] mode though coming [takara] and [omo] saw the appearance for a moment from a long distance with great pains.

The weed has been [ikiiki]ed, and cherry blossoms bloom slowly so often ‥.

It is [sunoo;] at a good season.

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