Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Squat is started.

Because there was a party in Ebisu yesterday
The pain like left neuralgia will be improved and it has gone to the heating pad.
[Aa;]?As for the stretch, is the heating pad miserable?・・

..encounter.. ,'s bodying it lightened and the pain was also ..lost.. good.
[De] and heating pad [nooni] [channi]
Getting cold below from the stomach as usual ..settlement.. : it is because the muscle is not used when saying of [ranaitte].
Recently, only the dog-walking walks ‥.

When squat is done in daytime because it is good as the muscle is applied before as the body is warmed with food by 20 day times, saying : as remedial measures.
It runs for walking or about 30 minutes.
Getting cold the body is not anxious and doing by about two weeks [rutte] at once though the result.

The Ryo Ishikawa professional's making to the clean shaven head, the change of one's name of Ebizo, womanizing, and to the evildoer [n] though it rose. the remark want to say by everyone as ‥‥ happy the party of the golf companion in the evening so often‥ Freshness [**] is [-ru] ..the hope of you drinking...

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