Monday, August 23, 2010

The insect of [piezou] must stick.

The electric piano brought from the warehouse on the weekend ‥ Do you play it for a moment beautifully cleaning it?[Nainoyo] ! ..going out of keyboard [tataitakedo] and the sound... turn on the switch thinking
Is it very [o;] from which the sound was emitted after all only by three places though everything was pushed?・・

with great pains going? challenged the Goldberg variation again,
[Shobo] [n] ‥
Regrettably, the bulky garbage item was arranged.

, aspect aspect this ..encounter.. morning is ! of [tanoyo] of finishing eating ..male dog [piezou].. previously from the surgical knife dog Pieta that paves [**] as for meal.
Meal were always aimed at by the Pieta that finished being previously eaten.

What because of biting leg when noticing since [piezousaa;] and last week and having bitten?It saw thinking solving.

It went from appearance [mitetakedohidokunatta] to the weekend hospital how many days it.
The inside of the thigh is said getting two kinds of medicines, and washing after the stroll every day in the medicated shampoo ‥.

Therefore, [piezou] washes one's the inside of the thigh, [nikukyuu], and anus every day now.
This is a considerably job of work ‥.
..encounter.. , is good [fuu;] because it improved gradually.


Spottily spottily ‥

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