Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Piezou ‥

[Yona] recently who is ..male dog [piezou].. [zouzou] mama's baby

Trimmer's sleep [channi] the other day
"Three years old of the dog is still child or in Tsutsumi who doesn't get ..[piezou].. [ama] ‥ By when do you depend too much?" is "The mama's baby surely thinks that it is a mama's baby for a long time ..already [otona] three years old.." [ttesa] . when it hears it.
[N]?Overreliance [rukaa;] for a long time ‥

The excrement opinion ..excrement.. to depend too much was expressed in [yoru] in [kure-to] and the moment excrement excrement had been put out from [jojo] [ttoyatteta] ‥ because it barked before it slept in the evening Now male dog ..reeling.. [piezou] that was [-] though it would not be a rest room.

The excrement excrement only depended too much though it went out after all ‥.


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