Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It is feelings that want to kick a small stone.

This morning. It entered the post for about two weeks ago.
It looked for the postcard that was able to be experienced on the first of nearby Nautilus room.

[Taramatadawayo] ..doing... [-] ..along..
[Puchi] and the important person cleaning switch enter starting with it ‥.

It starts from the arrangement of [de] and mail.
Slaver of dogs on the floor is a whiff catching eye this time with the dustcloth ‥ The wipe cleaning of the floor of the surprise is start from height for Gushiken ‥ The door of the door is this time anxious and wipe cleaning & rest room is cleaned when saying to the door.

Someone stops me and giving is feeling, all of a sweat from the morning, and [tayoo;].

Well ‥ It becomes beautiful.
When cleaning it, ..idea of anything.. painful is held.
Now because the switch enters suddenly ‥ [Fuu;].

Oh, all cleanings such as [] and these are worth every day.


I want to talk with [aa;] someone ‥.

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