Thursday, May 26, 2011

It cleans it. Uo uo---

In the evening ‥ Now, and it has the dream of becoming G-man of Yokohama Chinatown and even some G-man : though it is feeling ‥ It goes to various shops, it eats various dishes, and it rolls it up.

G-man came to light, was chased by being [suggoi] [ikioi], ran, rolled up to suspicious-looking man's person at [de] and the end, and it awoke.

The stomach is yucky and it becomes empty [namonde] and living tired out why.
It is a fried rice, a Chinese bowl, a ramen, and [iyaa;] in ..dumpling.. chili prawns. It ate ‥ [Kepu].
[Muu;]?Did you want to eat the Chinese cuisine ‥?

I think that the talk changes, and sleep is after all important so often.
Therefore, isn't it a good somewhere manufacturer though thinks changing now into a low bed by the little bit making known for dogs?
Before it buys it of but.

Even ..encounter.. , : before that however. The dresses under the shelf around the bed or the television or the book and the bed are not put away.

[N]?Pass..on earth.
Because storage is lost when it thinks so, is one like today good ‥ Spottily spottily ‥

It is spotty for a long time in recent saying [teruna] [-].

Let's rest small bird's wing for a moment as it is rain on the weekend.

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Getting cold

It wrote yesterday.
Though it is [sukurabingubaburutoiresutanpukuri-na-] ‥ Though the gel joined to the toilet is already lost.
[Muu;]?Have you applied it to the place where hydraulic pressure is terrible?

Eruption [butsubutsu] ..the after all usual cleaning.. though hang and written for about as much as one week with the stamp of one time.

It dreamt ..entering the other day in the freezer.., and [purupuru] trembled and it awoke , body making fun ‥ so often. did not step into a bath slowly by getting chilled while asleep & recently

It runs noisily about the passage when dogs are wandering about, and [ittsumo] plays a trick the surgical knife dog Pieta when stepping into a bath ‥.

[Uu;]?I want to step into a bath slowly.

Metabolizing is dropping ..making fun.. -.

After all more [a;] ..whether I should move...
The bath is put and the movement is Nautilus room ‥.

Let's go to Nautilus room that encountered and was completed last year of , for the visit for the time being ‥ The fee is free for the admission fee and one month until the end of the month just now.

‥ However why should not I always think of [ikerutte]?

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