Thursday, May 26, 2011

It cleans it. Uo uo---

In the evening ‥ Now, and it has the dream of becoming G-man of Yokohama Chinatown and even some G-man : though it is feeling ‥ It goes to various shops, it eats various dishes, and it rolls it up.

G-man came to light, was chased by being [suggoi] [ikioi], ran, rolled up to suspicious-looking man's person at [de] and the end, and it awoke.

The stomach is yucky and it becomes empty [namonde] and living tired out why.
It is a fried rice, a Chinese bowl, a ramen, and [iyaa;] in ..dumpling.. chili prawns. It ate ‥ [Kepu].
[Muu;]?Did you want to eat the Chinese cuisine ‥?

I think that the talk changes, and sleep is after all important so often.
Therefore, isn't it a good somewhere manufacturer though thinks changing now into a low bed by the little bit making known for dogs?
Before it buys it of but.

Even ..encounter.. , : before that however. The dresses under the shelf around the bed or the television or the book and the bed are not put away.

[N]?Pass..on earth.
Because storage is lost when it thinks so, is one like today good ‥ Spottily spottily ‥

It is spotty for a long time in recent saying [teruna] [-].

Let's rest small bird's wing for a moment as it is rain on the weekend.

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