Monday, December 20, 2010

The child of summer is a corona in the terrace.

It printed out looking for the hairstyle of pleasant at which the girl [saa;] and nowadays in yesterday smiled on the net, it did, , it was grasped, and it went to the hair salon.

It ‥
It becomes like the child of summer ‥.

What does it say or does grade-schooler's boy feel it?
Unpleasantness?Though the balance of the face and the hairstyle is bad ‥

However well, what has been cut thinks of [itte] is...
"[Za] and face []" : in feeling because the hair shortened when sticking one's cap on one's head ‥ [Zouzou] [shobo] [n].
Atmosphere changes into [aa;] though the hairstyle is the same ‥ Well [no] [biruno] is waited for.

[Aa;]?[Teruna] [-] and the corbicula and salt [yo]. often lonesomely recently ..what..Salt [dawayo].

The dog cafe lunch on , aspect aspect last day ..encounter.. :.
The corona drinks and is [kupu] in the terrace seat that has been waited.
Hey because 1000 yen in service
It says or reward [zansuu;] of the bath from the ventilation fan the other day to the outlet because it cleaned it thoroughly. [Fuffuu;]?♪

It is lunch on the outside. occasionally good

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