Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peacock of yearning

Friday of last week ‥
The hay fever measures corner of [daikokudoraggu] of Shibuya is seen and [tara].
Runny nose [gatsutsu] [-] is going out very [tawayo].

[Kuu;]?‥ and [rareta] -
‥ Spottily spottily.
Hanging of the nose down that is [-] ..along.. since then.

In ..saying.. [-] and allergic laboratory results
I am not in hay fever cooking by the typical allergic sensitivity in pollen.

Do so often?On Friday night
Programmer's person's having come : at about 23:30 though I also would participate in the party that held [pie;] [runo] meeting concurrently and it drank in Ebisu ‥ It came off on the way when 3 o'clock of the middle of the night and everyone had begun to ask for the yakitori and it returned by taxi.

The programmer
‥ [-] is possible already to stay up all night.. ‥
It will be ape's state of the ornament the next day even with the day.

Moreover, it was felt that it seemed to be serious, seemed to like samba nevertheless, and to have won the championship in the samba carnival pounding on a drum.
"Will you become a peacock by the samba?" : me though was invited ‥ [Iyaa;]?..corbicula.. ,, and it is this body and peacock [hasa] ?. 。

Unpleasantness?‥ It came in the party and it seems to have come not people who were and seeing [-] but ..becoming it.. freely variously when the story was heard.

At this occasion, I thought the Japanese syllabary where it went to experience the hot yoga for a moment.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is a homeless cat in Hiroo today a little.

Is it fine and [sunoo;] today?
The temperature in Tokyo is ..going up.. [rurashiiwayo] up to about 19 degrees.
The highest temperature will be physical condition [kuzu] [suyone] [-] [demotte] tomorrow even by eight degrees ‥ It doesn't take care.

Do you go to the sale of the ALFLEX of the furniture manufacturer in Hiroo food [tto] and today?。
It is [hahaha] of cannot purchase though it encounters and , is not bought.

Then, it is [tsukuritaiyona] as for the sofa designed for myself ‥.

[Aa;]?However, when I design
‥ Do you whiff for a moment in the pin corner damaged moreover ..touching.. ..all things.. in case of the unpleasantness, and the sofa?

[Aa;]?Is only thinking easy [suii;]?♪

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time of long-awaited stroll

It is raining now ‥.

Always well because it is time going to walk. ..boiling.. ..[-].. affray every time dogs [woji] [tto].. see, and I move for a moment.

..[beroberoberoberotsuide].. ..nose.. ..god god.. well. get on excitement [shite] and my ..male dog [piezou].. face a little while ago with [gaba]Fuss.

[N]?Does rain go up today ‥?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jealousy piezou


The aunt who had taken two papillons came from the other side doing the dog-walking and the cod.

Now, and [kunkunwarawarayatte] settled down by [de] and 4 or the male dog of the papillon snuggled to me and the cheek was [peropero]ed.

Horizontal [karapa] [n] when doing. [-] ..along..Now, and is the papillon of [tte] male dog [piezougaso] thrust aside and [peropero] complete [u;] as for my cheek?。

Without ..[de].. being defeated this time when the papillon snuggles again「[Uu;] [wan]. 」It says.
Do not feel after my mama at all. [Tte] feeling?[Hahaha] is ..
[Kawaee;] [yatsuyonoo;].

Whether neither reeling nor what it thinks , actually savvies.

Really?[Piezou] is mama's baby & jealousy ‥.

It encountered, , surgical knife dog Pieta was asked, and it was ignorant ‥ It snuggled to the owner as usual.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Defective middle age of yearning

Though it was a Chinese medicine outpatient yesterday
You may not forcibly assume the way including something, and ..enjoyment by a slow pace.." ..".. was said by the teacher.

[Iyaa;]?I am serious [sugirurashiiwayo]. [Fufu].
‥ Do you ..[aa;].. yearn?Defective middle age.
I also aim or it is defective. [Fu] .
[N]?‥ When did it become serious?

[Soudayona]?Did you forget for a moment in recent?

! is..Yesterday so often. Moreover, it took a picture near the house.
Though the location bus stopped to be near
It is [hahaha] ..wandering about.. returning to the house because it is mortified to do to [chira] the window of a black film and to look somehow, taking out dogs, and putting out the feeling happened to pass by chance by the stroll.
[Iyaa;]?That is "Villain" at [tere] morning surely

- This Web information of today: 113/375.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


[Muu;] male dog [piezou] -
It is four o'clock [dawayo] in the evening. 「[Hau]?[Hau]?」[Tte] starts, and putting out [tarajojo] [ttoyatteta].
[Mo] , is done and it lends it. Every day..continue..soundly..morning..sleep.

It variously enjoyed it so often on the weekend.
From the owner to the return of the dog-walking on Sunday
"Has a full sample of ..coming.. [te] gotten the dog show?"
The [tte] talk is heard, and [] how many. It goes for a walk again though it returned to the house once thinking, and it is a dog show and ..sample.. [ufu] that has been fully gotten.

[Iyaa;]?However, ..running person.. you see ..the appearance and food... lightly in the dog show with the dog
I want also to run in that way with dogs.

Because [de] and the return had returned through the route of a Yokohama international marathon, the person was terrible in the pavement.

And, it moves to Tokyo with golf companion's pan [pa] [chi] in the evening.
There is doing about [gorufubaka] when gathering ‥.
It is [gaarutteiiyone] of [narerumo] in craziness so much.

The person there questions everyone on "What of golf do you like?".
Everyone answers "Play golf" promptly.
Only I answered "Go to the shop that sold golf goods".
..encounter.. ?"Wait in a wide bath after the round" It is and , exists by "Meet the people who can meet everyone after a long time in the competition or are playing golf" ‥.

[Muu;]?"Play golf"
Though the answer that everyone answered promptly doesn't come out ‥ Then, it is good or, is []. ?
[Umuu;]?It takes up golf, and ‥ and the [rutteiu] ..cutting.. target of 100 within one year

It is ‥.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Homeless cat in Yokohama

[Fu] , [fufufufufu] -
It is a Nola cat from that to Yokohama, and [hamanora] [dawayo] so yesterday. [Fuffuu;]?♪ [aa;] shopping easiness [shikattanaa;]?‥ Is it happy only to buy the little one?..girl.. [ufu] after all.

So「[Hauu;]?[Uu;uu]?」‥ - of wanting coming after all to have thought of bladder [panpandaro] surely because it had not borrowed the porcelain before it slept of yesterday

When it puts out from [de] and [kure-to] and the bedroom door is opened
Well. It is [masshiguradawayo] in the rest room. nervous of hips
And, I was not able to sleep until about five o'clock afterwards ‥ [Fuu;].

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Homeless cat for a moment

[Iyaa;]?It went dogs' strolling in the morning today because it seemed to rain in the afternoon.

It is for a moment in the future feeling.. [fuffuu;] today though the afternoon always it has been taken during the [gattsuri] time at the stroll time. ♪

Let's do very ‥.

- This Web information of today: 26/375 [shakii;]?[N]

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Then, I think that I try various DVD.

[Uu;]?The hips surroundings are muscular pain [dawayo].

Fat combustion DVD "20 ..all of a sweat.. minutes" [ka] ! of [amenomoriyoukosan] done yesterday?

At all..sweat..teacher..see..hold.
On the way of the teacher「[Aa;]?The sweat comes out. 」It says.

It is not ..[desa] and the prickly heat.. and is [yu-ko] [sumida] [jakuson;awe-kuninguekusasaizu] [dawayo] following afterwards.
Is teacher's character contrasted?

Here sweated considerably.
It sits at the end and an opening stretch cod.
It enters between [ashi] of swift attack male dog [piezou] as usual, and to wait, and the surgical knife dog Pieta is licked a lick rolling up of the arm and the neck.
[Kawaee;] [yatsuyonoo;]?・・

[Sateto] , this day is . of [fu] that reads the book on web.

[Yu-ko] [sumida] Jackson of ..encounter.. ,
[Awe-kuninguekusasaizu] DVD is ↓ ..this it...
Http://[yu-ko] [sumida] [jakuson-awe-kuningu-ekusasaizu-] DVD-how-to/dp/B000JSI7Y4/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

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Monday, February 14, 2011

The boob tube's influence is large.

There was [pie;] [rukara] telephone yesterday and DVD book "It was an improvement of the temperature of the muscle and fat combustion pelvis RPB [mezotto]" of [amenomoriyoukosan] was said to purchase with Amazon because it used it on business.

However, it is possibly in the nearby bookstore or it thinks more, and is purchase [tawayo] of that snow. [Fu] .

DVD ..[de].. immediate was tried while seeing.
[N]?‥ Movement is sober [kanaa;] for a moment ‥ Music is also monotonous.

Refreshing for a moment feeling also in general ..a series of movement.. + did easiness ten minutes with ..sweat.. [jinwari] however yesterday ‥.
I will try to say "20 ..all of a sweat.. minutes" today.

Along..variously..move..extremely..suitable..move..after all..Billy.
Nervous [chaundayone] [-] for a moment though the dance system is happy.

↓ ..this this bought "It is an improvement of the temperature of the muscle and fat combustion pelvis RPB [mezotto]"...

This Web information on this day of ..encounter.. ,: 17/375 [kirarii;]?[N].
It is [-] ..along.., and [masen] ..advance from that...

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It is really so and good this year.

It held suddenly yesterday.
The introduction [surutte] ..marrying person.. telephone came to it was and the house to play in October the acquaintance.

[Iyaa;]?For man however who speaks easily, she is attentive, too and it is steady, and is likely to become the married couple of pleasant politely and seriously seem.

The boy in the company also marries in March, and it is good this year when it is auspicious. 。

It said in the prayer to the Kinomiya Shinto shrine of the other day and [tte] that would become it was said to the age of pleasure this year when going if it ....encounter.. ,.. was said along.

..seem to being able to slip out for a moment.. [kana] ? from painful time of last few years


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I want to go to the world temple with the Ito person ‥.

Though it came back without the book on latest Web in the bookstore browsing, and buying it in the agony ‥ the other day

Do as it is after all?It went thinking [aa;] as it is on Friday and it bought it.
It is [naindakedosa] . in emphasizing like this and the [tte] saying.
It is the B5 edition and 375-page [dawayo].

[Pie;] [runiha]
It failed absolutely by about page 20, it feels like had read, and [fu]" is quietly ..".. ..bookshelf.. [chi] that closes and ends ..saying...

It read up to page 17 beginning to read yesterday now.
..reading.. [mu]. Guess that reads [aa;].
It is [n] though it is slow to advance because it reads while understanding ‥.

Now if it ..encounter.. is said along ..,.. in the bookstore.
A man sideways in his forties comes and [onara] [wobuu;] is lofty [onara] of that ..terrible...

Well, it browses as it is on side and [tetakedosa] ..

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What did you do in childhood?

Mother who goes walk the dog a little while ago, waits for the signal in the intersection, and took a cod and a weeny child approaches, and mother is speaking something in child's ear.

[De] and the child「[N]?‥ black ‥」There is no [tte] saying.
Apparently, mother seems to have tried to have them say the color of our dogs' hairs in English.

Perhaps, that child : ‥ Do at about the age of three?
[Uu;]?Is not the age of the child understood?As [maa;ii].
[Iyaa;]?Terrible..nowadays..child's schooling.

I, though it doesn't have those days' memories at all ‥
The horizontal bar of a triangular park or it played on the jungle gym in childhood or it will memorize it by spending all one's time at handicraft shop and making something.
It studies and [nakattamonnaa;] ‥.

What is taught if I have the child ‥?

..encounter.. ,
"It is social obligations and human feelings. "
"It is [runoyo] of keeping the chase ! as for man's (woman) romance. "

[Hahahahaha] ‥

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cobra's pose meant saying when getting irritated on the television.

[Uu;]?‥ is irritation Eliza ‥.

It has a telephone call from mother a little while ago, and when the other day carrying is sent to the repair, it is said that the usual ring tone melody has disappeared and it sets it to "The piano was able to be played" and says.

When it says in sleep [chan] of DoCoMo because [de] and I are contractors and dividing and "It is food [yan], and is [tteiuka], and because it is a tune that starts from the beginning carrying and [otona], it is [shinayo] in the manner mode" says 4400 yen [gado] [-] [noko] [-] to mothers highest because it says, whether it is a communication charge by one whether it is a telephone "[Yada] !" is said [fuu;] ‥.

Aging is and ..‥.. is not said even by this me.

It makes it to [ira] ..[de].. for a moment.
Though it ..telephone.. switched off liking it doing and asking it.

The dress that is piled up the surgical knife dog Pieta sideward of the lavatory a little while ago

Well, it is such a thing and feeling.

Is it that?For the recent Chinese medicine outpatient,
"It was what recently lonesomely" was said to the teacher and one kind of medicine changed.
It seems to be a medicine that "Tranquillizer of the Chinese medicine" is said.

[De], Lonesomely..energetic..pass..irritation.

Well, and drinking [derutteko] such a medicine and ..might only conviction of [desou].. [kedosa] .

Because they are other work relations though are variously, it is ..writing.. [kanaikedosa] ..

[Aa;] ‥
I want to live calmly ‥.

Making to [ira] by goodness : not coming etc.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Then, why ‥.

When "Villain" of TV Asahi sees the said drama
The place that passes in the dog-walking reflects by chance and it inadvertently sees.

When [desa] and it goes walk the dog the other day
There are some neither straw straw nor person always as there is no person at all.

What?It is feeling [desa] ? like taking a picture when passing thinking.
It passed about "Villain" [chira]ing and looking at the car like the location bus the conviction of taking a picture [] [tte] without permission by chance.

Sense to which this "Each other , is waited a little" transmitted to the hand momentarily started passing in front of [de] and staff [ppoioni] [chantachi] is pulled ‥.

It is [-] ..along.. so.
It is a translation that the surgical knife dog Pieta started [murimuri] in front of you.

You ‥ Such presence of others [de].
It seems to be pleasant, and it becomes poor because it does and instinctive ‥"I'm sorry for [su] ," is [fuu;] ..saying.. though going to be moved. 。

Pieta [ttesa] , has guarded APEC before.
It is [pita] ! in policeman [nooni]'s presence. ‥

It is what on earth ‥ [Noka] ! that I want to see. ?

Because it encounters and , male dog [piezou] is not assumed that it is thought by the person it is opposite, it does in the grassy place as hips are always hidden.

↓ ..encounter../..this , "Villain"..

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Forgotten the puppy training ‥.

[Oo;]?Moreover, the update has slowed.
Especially ‥ food [tto] and today

It met an Italian uncle of the owner of the poodle occasionally met (Japanese) by , ..encounter.. stroll, and "Non Non" was said toward the poodle that played a trick.

It plays a trick after I also mimic, and it returns.
Toward the surgical knife dog Pieta「[Non]. [Non]. 」[Tte] was said.
Then, quieting down [tawayo].

[N]?‥ Is the word very said actually good ‥?

The poodle is [-] [nashonaru] and ..departure.. [sunaa;] that not is.

However, the dog certainly thinks that it understands the word.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

It met the person, and it became energetic for a moment.

[Iyaa;]?It fully met the person from Friday to the weekend.

It will go golfing suddenly and the 1.5th round in half a year on Friday.
They were the people who brandished the club in the whir after a long time, and did not take care with and it was happy though it was a difficult course.

The owner of the dog met after a long time and it talks standing when returning and strolling in dogs.

It will go out for a drink suddenly ..this.. around nine o'clock and it moves to Ebisu when returning to the house.
It spoke secondarily with [ba-buraunjagu] for a moment and it returned.

Now it : though drank by 4 people.
There is a person of the same blood type at the same date of birth as me and it sleeps.
The other two people are the same birthdays, and it is same, same very blood type and the sexagenary cycle is [tanoyo] ! of a round though it differs.

Isn't it a terrible probability?
It becomes how much probability ‥ [Maa;iiya].

To the Kinomiya Shinto shrine in Atami on [de] and Saturday
It speaks with the eel and [nooyajisan] that goes to pray in the established custom every year, was spoken with [****], and encountered and ate in , daytime, and the veterinary hospital on Sunday.

[Muu;]?It thought of [a;]. Though it shunned meeting people recently ..whether I should meet the person after all..

The mind is [nattayoo;] in easiness for a moment.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I think that you should hold your knee at such time.

It is not such a thing and no feeling when saying [chattakedosa] , is spottily read and it returns it yesterday.

Well, it is no use of thinking. that thinks about such a thing.. [aruttekotoka] that much.


Something weakening [teruna] [-] ‥
[Fu] .. delicate ..reeling.. ,

Do if you do not wash dogs on [sateto] , this day?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fair hair of shaking irritation Eliza

‥ It repeats when thinking when having recovered.

Burbling it applied an ointment and it slept widely in the evening though it seemed to be a strong medicine because it had reddened.

Contacting the person for a moment has become not good [tto].. recently.
Is [attesa] , restlessly said from last year ‥?

Well, the person regards himself/herself the basis.
The other party has understood well [ittekoto] request...

What though report and took ahead without worrying at all? will not
Old times and the relation are also already different and ..becoming it.. ..

It is [rutteiuka] of away, and [n] because [-]. What do you say ‥?

The book on latest web in the bookstore was said to purchase thinking that such pat I who did not come was driven in further.

While ..[de].. browsing
It is gradually lonesome fast in the world of web advanced at a terrible fast speed.

It is unpleasant, not good, and !. It was likely to have it be being necessary to do for the unpleasantness and me however will being to be ..[tte].. stirred up now persuaded spottily and returned without buying it after all ‥.

Lonesomely with irritation Eliza who is not the therapeutic consequence ‥ It is an emotionally unstable period again.

It is not possible to say by tell the person a lonesome story thinking of ..badness.. [itte] easily.

[Kedosa] . that will become surely energetic. become , ..retreat.. [-] sooner or later


[Hahaha] ..shall not always irritation surely Eliza it.. when working however ..however...

[Iyaa;]?I want to strengthen in various meanings.

..encounter.. ?It has grumbled.

[Ina] ..trouble.. [watashi] ..[aa;].. :.


It squeezes it with the lamplight at the end.

Rapid rapid [zun] ‥ [Fuffuu;]?♪

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The surgical knife dog Pieta picks up and I think that eaten feelings are understood for a moment.

[Damessu] that is strike ・・ ‥ [yoro] ‥ It is stomach [ga], [pekorin], and [yoroyoro] [suru].

The house did and it was going to finish easily in daytime because there was full & work, too and was no time and it ate two rice cakes today , ..encounter.. [iyaa;].
It is only 50 seconds in the microwave oven.
Only the desire swells, seaweed is wrapped, and [chachattosa].

The stroll of [de] and dogs afterwards is prepared and [pekorin] in [tarasude] ‥ It is certain and one rice cake must be the same as the meal one bowlful ‥ Because it ate 2 pieces, meal two bowlfuls.
Whether the particular hunger has and doesn't learn [?pe] by experience when going to walk while spottily saying and coming back.

It has munching eaten two rice crackers while watching one point a little while ago.

There must be an eclair bought yesterday in the refrigerator ‥ No, it is the one that it does and there can be an oak bought for the enjoyment tonight.

[Iyaa;]?It gives priority to work more than meal when it does and there is , work, and it eats and it pulls it out terrible and late.
Is it natural ..encounter.. ,?

However, it is this repetition and [kowashichattarisurundayone] [-] as for the body ‥ Do if you do not take care?

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