Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The surgical knife dog Pieta picks up and I think that eaten feelings are understood for a moment.

[Damessu] that is strike ・・ ‥ [yoro] ‥ It is stomach [ga], [pekorin], and [yoroyoro] [suru].

The house did and it was going to finish easily in daytime because there was full & work, too and was no time and it ate two rice cakes today , ..encounter.. [iyaa;].
It is only 50 seconds in the microwave oven.
Only the desire swells, seaweed is wrapped, and [chachattosa].

The stroll of [de] and dogs afterwards is prepared and [pekorin] in [tarasude] ‥ It is certain and one rice cake must be the same as the meal one bowlful ‥ Because it ate 2 pieces, meal two bowlfuls.
Whether the particular hunger has and doesn't learn [?pe] by experience when going to walk while spottily saying and coming back.

It has munching eaten two rice crackers while watching one point a little while ago.

There must be an eclair bought yesterday in the refrigerator ‥ No, it is the one that it does and there can be an oak bought for the enjoyment tonight.

[Iyaa;]?It gives priority to work more than meal when it does and there is , work, and it eats and it pulls it out terrible and late.
Is it natural ..encounter.. ,?

However, it is this repetition and [kowashichattarisurundayone] [-] as for the body ‥ Do if you do not take care?

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