Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I want to run to one's heart's content.

London Harts yesterday is seen, and 50m run is seen and ..dripping.. [watashi] is to one's heart's content [nattawayo] of wanting running. ..dripping.. ..coming.. [te] it as for [kaku] putting athletic meet

In not running with the running machine of , ..encounter.. gym, it is [i] ..wanting run.. competing in the track.

Well. However, there is easily not such a place and either sleep ‥ It is good, and even the pavement :.
After all, ‥ or, it stands out by being possibly caught ‥ standing out however ..unpleasant...

There was , saying place the encounter.
Let's pretend to play with dogs and run to one's heart's content by a good dog run.
However, is it dash training in that distance ‥?

..encounter.. ?Now incidently, [tesu] [ten] : ahead running by the dog run.
If you do not take care ‥

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Do it update, and it in time somehow?

It is [fuu;] today ..taking five hours.. when going to the clinic. ・・

It ..[de].. returns and it strolls in dogs.
It was noticed not to update it when entering the bath eating making dinner.


Graffiti : as soon as it is good because of It is sleepy today ‥.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The apartment house is also good.

Saturday when you drive

Badly because of sudden when reporting saying
"Is it good?" has gone suddenly to play.

[Iyaa;]?[Iinee;] [ichi] [kenke] after all.
Is the feeling on which it steps by the smell with a good wood chip of Aomori [hiba] pleasant?‥ The perfume of building was done.
[Muu;]?It settles down on ground ..near.. ..what it whether is [itteiinee;], and...

..wanting living.. [ina] [-] has the dream in the house with the atelier some time.
However recently, [naindayona] ..can read ahead...

It encounters and it says or I think , to be "What do you want to do?".

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adult little association

Already..a little..August..end..this..summer..do.。

Is does the time of the dog-walking become after the evening as for summer, and six o'clock?It meets the people who are strolling considerably around seven o'clock.
It gathered in the park by 12 with the straw straw yesterday.

An owner not good either must arrive for a moment yesterday and ‥ Do you say ‥ Personal space [wosu] [toba] is done though it is neither a type that doesn't exist in my circumference nor a distance.
That feeling that wants to bring the people who do not know together [hakihaki]ed too much indescribably : ‥ It is hard to get hold of among and takes care with.

Because [otona] of ..encounter.. , there. Talked [fu] .
However, does the other party also think that it thinks of good unexpectedly so?
[A;] ..whether run... It is mysterious.
[Iyaa;]?It has said spottily.

It was forgotten to encounter and to do , [souda] [touroku].
When the admission fee of the nearby kennel and the annual membership fee register by the end of August, it is free [nanoyo] !.

I think that I register while this.. campaigning for the time being though Well it says and it is not scheduled to go some place.

Though it is still hot ‥
Memories of everyone's summer are [nandai] ?.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A certain meaning is happy to be strained by these kind of things.

The side job that had been written yesterday was registered ..PIXTA.. immediately.

However, now?‥ It is a serious [-] and ..saying.. for a moment ..unpleasant.. ‥ illustration, and there is a conflict, and, after all, it has registered by "[Zu] Rin" unpleasantly.

It?There seems to be a test after it registers.
If it doesn't answer all the questions correctly it, it seems not to be able to register the material.

[Uu;]?Tension ‥?
The test has not been taken yet.
After eating daytime, I think the mother-of-pearl way Japanese syllabary.
No ‥.

‥ Spottily spottily

[Iyaa;]?Occasionally, it sleeps whether being strained for a moment is also good.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can the small change work be done in the side job ‥?

It is [itesa] , in the house for a long time in recent.
Little time thought of [itte] ..too good...
Do though study is also good?[Muu;]?

It is [de], and watches television the other day and is [tarasaa;].
It is a side job and is [gutte] and ..earnings.. [ttetanoyo]. Etchika's mirror and exist in the house
It is made from the image of which it takes a picture and [dakedo] and that of [gaatta] of sales [surutteiu] sites named PIXTA that I also have occasionally used.

[Iyaa;]?However, even though amateur cameraman's image ‥ Everyone can beautifully take it considerably.
[Umuu;]?Do not seem be to severe the image ‥.

However, it will be likely to be able to go if it is an illustration.
It is [kazurinja] of ..encounter.. ,, and a drawn illustration in the tentative seriousness.

Does the registry fee only register for the time being like being free?・・

For [maa;demo] me
Though it is thought that doing and spending calmly are important ‥

[Ikka] of ..reeling.. ,.
Do anything and in no goodness if it is not good.
Be not better than it doesn't do.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

The insect of [piezou] must stick.

The electric piano brought from the warehouse on the weekend ‥ Do you play it for a moment beautifully cleaning it?[Nainoyo] ! ..going out of keyboard [tataitakedo] and the sound... turn on the switch thinking
Is it very [o;] from which the sound was emitted after all only by three places though everything was pushed?・・

with great pains going? challenged the Goldberg variation again,
[Shobo] [n] ‥
Regrettably, the bulky garbage item was arranged.

, aspect aspect this ..encounter.. morning is ! of [tanoyo] of finishing eating ..male dog [piezou].. previously from the surgical knife dog Pieta that paves [**] as for meal.
Meal were always aimed at by the Pieta that finished being previously eaten.

What because of biting leg when noticing since [piezousaa;] and last week and having bitten?It saw thinking solving.

It went from appearance [mitetakedohidokunatta] to the weekend hospital how many days it.
The inside of the thigh is said getting two kinds of medicines, and washing after the stroll every day in the medicated shampoo ‥.

Therefore, [piezou] washes one's the inside of the thigh, [nikukyuu], and anus every day now.
This is a considerably job of work ‥.
..encounter.. , is good [fuu;] because it improved gradually.


Spottily spottily ‥

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The prickly heat was able to be done.

[Iyaa;]?It is cleaning [shitana] [-] on the weekend ‥.
The rental warehouse canceled was put in order though it wrote the other day.

Move luggage from the warehouse to the company, return to the warehouse, and to the thrift shop even if you buy it
Anything was not able to be bought after all any longer ....electric piano.. season of the barbecue within five years when bringing it in as the electric piano and the barbecue set were various.. ....end.. [rukaratte].. and everything was taken home to home as it was ‥.

It occurs on Sunday, and the cleaning switch is [puchi] and enters at once, cleans, and is rolling up. 。
Well, and it waits in reality on holiday and [shitakaraikka] for a moment ..settling.. ..refreshingly...

However, were you ..the sweat..?
When the warehouse is cleaned, it is necessary under T-shirt profusely at once though the towel was placed between the stomach and the back.
No ‥.

Additionally, the prickly heat can be done to the breast, and [soregakayuinoyo] !.
Will I apply the [uu;] baby powder?

[Ou;] and [kayui].

[Poriporiporiporiporiporiporipori] ‥

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eyesight fell.

There was use for a moment and it went to Yokohama yesterday.

What is it?Is even Yokohama going [tanonii;] with great pains?Only use is [kupu] where it has gone to foot back massage thinking.
It is [n] though a neatly cheap point was chosen.

The..foot..back..massage..shop..Taiwan..shop..enter..Japanese..interior..coloring..smell..for a moment..foreign country.[Wo] enjoying.
Goggling it absorbs by strengthening, the back of the foot rolled up is done, and it doesn't come refreshingly.

[Fuffu]?♪ and feelings improve, and, this time, it moves to the optician who uses it.
Then, while putting the lens again
It asked for the measurement because eyesight was not measured for years how many any longer.

Then, how [o;]?!0.7 both of both eyes? [I;] ..1.2 and 1.5 it... Moreover, hyperopia is ..saying.. [waretawayo].
However, [] & [shobo] [n] that is not [-] ‥.

The length at the measurement because it says. Which the vertical line or the horizontal line is clearly seen?" ..doing..Side. It answered.
[N] [moo;]. exist saying neither either ..answer.. nor the same line。

"The bifocals is recommended" [ttesa] . ..[de], and the result it...
When the lens is put on mortifying, it clearly sees it ‥ [Kuu;].
It falls though it was thought that eyesight was good indefinitely ‥.

Neither ..saying.. [-] nor I have worn glasses yet.
Because it looks usual.


Spottily spottily ‥

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conclusion of three years

Thinking [zu] [ttoyarouyarou] ‥ It was likely to have been postponed, and one cleaned thoroughly, and is a cancellation of the rental box as for the veranda.

Do it begin to be said that cancel the rental box and have about three years already passed?

[Iyaa;]?It : the other day just.
The letter came to report whether to borrow because the rental box was moved from the company that borrowed or to cancel a contract.
Well by when did you borrow feeling it because it grew old and it said if there were no these kind of things if usual because the convenience of [muka] long ages ‥?

It is like paying the unnecessary thing money if it thinks.
The one that curettage is not thrown away even if it says also ‥ There is no depository in the house.

In the warehouse in the apartment house, there is the other day lot and it was the 250th or the 250th is feeling of the aging aging.

Well, it is a cleaning of the rental box at the end of this week.
The conclusion of finally three year will attach.
It worries a little about this heat.
[Aa;]?It is ‥.

It is one by one a little good.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It is [chikutto] in Ebisu.

Well though it went to Shibuya after a long time because there was meeting in the company yesterday. ..ground.. [atsu].
It walked and the bottom of [te] shoes was terrible.

..child to whom Mr. gride corresponded very much.. [itawayo] though ice was bought for [desa] and everyone.
Mr. gride was seen to hit for the first time.

[Aa;]?I really am bloomy with [itsukahadodo] of ..reeling.. , [ntohi].

It is [chikuttona] in the usual sushi shop in Ebisu because it is ..[de].. special at night.
[Iyaa;]?Kikusui was drunk too much ‥.
Afterwards..after a long time..cover.♪

It is [maa;maa;i] [-].
I will be enjoyed because it plays while being possible to play by drinking while being possible to drink. Then, [kaa;] that not is?[Fuffuu;]?♪

When ..encounter.. , is done, done [nanoyo] Onna.
[Shaki] ?[N].

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rumba at one time ‥

When you wash dogs ‥
[Nattesugoida] . of the wilderness round and round. ..round.. wait on the passage the hair of [powapowa] round and round

3 and four times a day : recently though wipe the floor with [kuikkuru] in water ‥ Still, when time passes for a moment, the hair : round and round round and round ‥.

The filter is well of the air conditioner of the living cleaned yesterday because it is such a situation. It was terrible.

[Dawayo] of it and refrigerator in the under.
Is when the cover of plastic below is removed timidly and seen, it very [o;]?!
This and the dog hair : all ‥ [Iyaa;]?Gooseflesh [mondawayo].
The person who keeps the dog looks at the refrigerator under, and is surely terrible.

Various places were breathed in with the cleaner and rolled up because of [fuu;] ‥.
It is nearby of that and [bibitte] in the sound of the cleaner.
Surgical knife..dog..Pieta..personal computer..table..up..twist..boil..male..dog..chair..up..get on..boil..boil..fuss.

[Aa;]?The cleaning robot and the rumba of the yearning ‥ It is rumba at one time ‥.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

[Piezou] hair on the chest therapy

Please input sentences that translate into here. [Iyaa;]?Is the face buried under light hair on the chest of the male dog [piezounoii] smell because dogs were washed in the evening and feelings ..doing.. easily?[Fu] -

";It was former friend's F Sawa"; with Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F who wrote ..bowling confrontation.. immediate was said on along Saturday ..the encounter.. .., aspect.. and ";The following are matches with [raundowan] for 24 hours"; ..comment.. entered.
However, I did not think that I slept after all, and ended like that.
Re-stripe tray restart [dawayo] from today of ..doing.. ,.

Though it encounters and it wrote ahead , deflecting and this
Were you improved to the blog by the image of the sponsor advertisement of the spinning garage of Machida's [sakka-chi-muzerubia] and [supi]?[Fuffuu;]?[Cho] ..seeing... ..♪ longhand [noyuru] [-].. ..saying.. advertise it

The blog of the spinning garage is here ↓.

In the room of [kazurin], the entering blog is here ↓
http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/kazurin55555/61063638.html in the comment.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The second fighting (bowling)

[Fu] , [fufufufufufufufufufufufufufu] ‥

[Iyaa;]?The bowling in the evening was a hot fight ‥ And, [demashita] !. The best score. [Dodonppafu] !.
It is print ! to the fourth game by 147 though five last similar games were done.
It is glad. [Fuffuu;]?♪
Incidently, the best score of [pie;] [rumo] 207 was put out.

The fifth game was the last even, and the fair match.
Anyway, it was mortifying to have been defeated last time.
After all, was bowling good early morning?

However, it is that. Thing [ttenaiyone] [-] to come to work, and to obtain sense of accomplishment because of play ‥

[Iyaa;]?It toasted from being able gladness in the sushi shop at one o'clock of the middle of the night.

No one victory one defeat in [mumu] and this ‥ easily.

However ‥,
End as it is.
Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F is sure also to say that fight with something by it ‥.

Defeat [nai]. [Dodo] [n].

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Decisive battle of bowling

Please input sentences that translate into here. It was a clinic after a long time today.
[Iyaa;]?Bon Festival is regardless.
It crowded and it took four and ..rolling up it.. a half hours as usual.

Do it is fighting of bowling with Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of food [tto] F?
Are it talked about about tonight and wax a little while ago suddenly?
It will go out in the future.

Meal is given to dogs panicking and teeth are polished ‥.

The [oo;] this night is [nai] of falling ・・ defeat that seems to become a hot night.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If you do not move the body ‥

Painful that had eaten the roll cake so as not to move, the yoga, and the ballet of four dance dieting of Dennis Austin were done yesterday.
It is good sweat or [fu] ..it is.. ..

[Uu;]?However, dogs come near in [peropero] when practicing yoga as usual and [nai] it is possible to do.
When becoming lying upon face and looking up
Because it is a position of [do] dogs' faces, it is [peroperokamo-n] ..doing...
It was possible to continue to two this time however the [peropero] though it was done ..the remainder...

[Muu;]?Let's make to Pilates or make today a yoga ‥.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The side dish in the evening is a new work.

It did not eat Mr. gride of the reward yesterday.

So often this morning though it is not hungry at all in daytime when it eats the rice grain in [gattsuri] ‥. Is it good or bad ‥?

It is always bread (with jam) and a yogurt.
If you do not eat a sweet in [desa] and the morning
It wants to eat the sweet one somewhere and, after all, [naruu;].

Therefore, the roll cake has been bought in the convenience store a little while ago.
[N]?It introduces oneself and the feeling of [korematado] [-] ‥.

Do without thinking taking care about eating habits?
It is tidy [naindayone] [-] if there is nothing.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

The dish is a single-bout match.

Please input sentences that translate into here. Dinner [shiyo] how many Japanese syllabary tonight ‥

It was a South Korea night yesterday.
Whether may I improve circulation of the blood because I use sesame oil for sesame, garlic, and the red pepper or not?

I wanted to say for a moment spottily today ‥ It thought why you hated cooking again yesterday.

Making the dumpling : like the ceramic art though is happy ‥ Said the first reason ";The work doesn't remain"; from previous.
Well however, when [noko] is made, it is very [naindayona] in the image because it needs the shelf for terrible amount of display ‥.

I obedient who makes it on the street while seeing something am ";It is not interesting. ";.
The tasting after all always by rule of thumb single-bout match of ..encounter.. , that not is.
Tiny [fu] ..resistance it.. .

Tooled ";There is no pleasure with the thing";.

Do it come to cook when doing very the favor though it always thinks ‥ It is an eternal problem.

Are not you praising it because it became it to cook [maa;koredemo]?
It is Mr. gride in [umu] and the reward.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bowling early morning

Please input sentences that translate into here. Do with hesitancy?Sunday is [dawayo] of bowling early morning, too. Falling ・・ It is 1200 yen in throw [hanadai] of one hour.

It deflects, the [ruga] of [pie;] ..however.. left leg is hurt, and rolling up of a throw alone on the way.


[Aa;]?Such remark [tteruto] of [demosa] ,.
It ..largeness.. collapses like golf.

A hot bowling rally in Saturday of this week does carefully ..painful.. of certain with hesitancy.

[De], a good sweat or after it is, it moves to being go Ginza in the Apple store.

It is a tempura and [demattari] lunch because it is special. [Fuffuu;]?The afternoon was terrible and felt heavy from [chiku] and [yattamonda] in ♪ [iyaa;] and cooling.

It waits occasionally and [demosa] , lunch thought to be good.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Party after a long time?[Fuffuu;]?♪

It went to the party of an old company yesterday.

Only it was after all painful and did not change though it went to the small face massage aiming at it ‥.

Are food [tto] and the party [u;] who is Aoyama after a long time?[Fuffuu;]?It is [fu] . because it the super-likes it that has been wandered about in [**] [no] [**] shop. the one to buy ♪
There was fully the one in the supermarket in [sasugadesuno] and the vicinity without and it was interesting.

[Iyaa;]?All..at all..change..man..change.

[N] though it was a meeting that lives in the United States this time and encloses the person who comes back after a long time of 30 years. New York [kaa;] ‥ Be not good. 。
I want to go again when I am energetic at one time ‥.

! ..it is..New announcement [pa] [chi] of the company is [attarashiinoyo] ! in Ritz Carlton last week so often.
Did you want to go in [n]?
Well ‥ Is not the current work called in a mere former employee in the interior relation?

[Aa;pa] [chi] ‥
It doesn't go ‥ (eyes that see the distance. )

..encounter.. ?However, the furniture industry seems to be also serious recently.
[Muu;]?Where is an energetic industry ‥?

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It approached the bank book character of [kazurin] and the bank or is []. ?

[Fu] , [fufufu] -
It is [kazurin] uniform debut. [Kirarii;]?[N].

It went to two golf specialty store "Spinning garage" of Machida had always indebted because own car [goru]'s air conditioner had not worked with hesitancy the other day.

[De] and [supi] seem to be sponsors of Machida's soccer team "[Zerubia]".
Is it said that it will want you to design the sponsor advertisement put on the uniform puts on at [dene] and events?[Fuffuu;]?Moreover, is ♪ said that the longhand of the [kazurin] taste is good?[Fuffuu;]?Graffiti of) and [ikazurindawayo] and [hahaha] like (..♪ golf 2.. ..weeny...

However, ‥ this graffiti ‥ Is it [koredei] really [-]?It ..[tte].. heard it.
[Iyaa;]?It is OK and [mashita] !. [Pafu] !

A certain meaning stands out certainly ‥ the person of the advertisement and [zerubia].
It is said.

[Iyaa;] ‥ Thank you for [supi].
[Tadesuu;] ..happy... design

- Only two golf specialty store "Spinning garage" is here ↓ http://www.spinninggarage.com/in Japan.

- Machida's soccer team "[Zerubia]" is here ↓ http://zelvia.jp/

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Today ended on the first ‥, too.

[Au;]?Recent somehow ‥
Though it is life of 0 or 100 selfish feeling ‥ [Maa;ikka].

Incidently, [muka] ?It endured and the party of [kai] Co. came and the [arutte] mail came on Thursday of the fifth.
The person who lives in the United States for a long time seems to be returning to the book today.
[Nanode] "Meeting that hears the latest circumstances of the United States".

[Iyaa;]?‥ It will be ..desire.. [unoyo] ! tomorrow when going to the lymphatic massage of the face.
What are you said if going in this round face ‥?

Well. 、Do one time though it understands from not becoming it very?

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It suddenly cleaned it.

[Oo;]?It is Monday.
It was forgotten to renew [te] cleaning it today.

Because it plays on the weekend and it rolled it up
It is pleasant, and it stiffly cleans and rolling up with [merihari] today.

[Uu;]?‥ Luggage was not able to be put out and to put out the cleaner fully, and when the door of the storage shelf was opened even if the cleaner was put out because it was thought that dust in the ventilating opening of the air cleaner of the bedroom was breathed in with the cleaner, the storage shelf after all was cleaned and it ..‥.. put it away.
Moreover, it did to storage under the bed.

[Iyaa;]?Is the cleaning in summer sweaty [makuridesuno] in the intermammary sulcus (Among)?Was it a good sweat or it existed.

Is there muscular pain cleaning it after all until the night, too and does making dinner become troublesome?
It boiled and it ate only the noodle of the summer chinese noodles.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is an indoor sect in reality.

Thank you energetic [fu] -

Do with hesitancy?It is filling [tawayo] on the weekend as for the desire to save in the "futsufutsu".
‥ It trows selfishly ..the movement of the body.. as this is opposite and ..yoga → machine.. [shigashi] → spin in Nautilus room though the body actually was terrible and felt heavy.

Are [desa] and the body moved and did it become light ‥?
It is rolling up of doing at a dash on Saturday as for wanting do.

It waits first with dogs in the terrace seat and branch →.
Is does it wait with depicting [jo**] that exists in the same → building of four bowling games (The dog race internally for Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of overthrow F) in [hamabo-ru] of Yokohama and shopping ♪ [fuffuu;] in lunch → Camper?→ It moves to Kawasaki and it plays golf with BAGUS billiards → darts → simulation.

It is 6000 yen for one hour though it thought of the person commotion in karaoke at [de] and the end. ‥ It is put to [pie;] [ruga] soft-boiled jack and [-ru] ..shutting of the act of play...

[De] and the night have the dream of bowling with Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F and awake about six times of having a nightmare in the middle of the night, and it is after it takes it, bowling, and [fu] ..three games it.. . the veterinary hospital of dogs at Sunday morning.

Unpleasantness?Thought, and if no do little at a time of the desire after all.
Your should would being better even to move it and your body.

[Umuu;]?It was possible to write unexpectedly easily though it was thought that it became a long sentence more ‥.

Is [sateto] [ima] night fireworks of Kanagawa Shimbun?
..fuss [dana] [-].. surely [piezoutachi] and ..boiling.. [-]

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