Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I want to run to one's heart's content.

London Harts yesterday is seen, and 50m run is seen and ..dripping.. [watashi] is to one's heart's content [nattawayo] of wanting running. ..dripping.. ..coming.. [te] it as for [kaku] putting athletic meet

In not running with the running machine of , ..encounter.. gym, it is [i] ..wanting run.. competing in the track.

Well. However, there is easily not such a place and either sleep ‥ It is good, and even the pavement :.
After all, ‥ or, it stands out by being possibly caught ‥ standing out however ..unpleasant...

There was , saying place the encounter.
Let's pretend to play with dogs and run to one's heart's content by a good dog run.
However, is it dash training in that distance ‥?

..encounter.. ?Now incidently, [tesu] [ten] : ahead running by the dog run.
If you do not take care ‥

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