Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boots for the dog-walking ‥ It bought it.

Alarm clock-[kerokurokku] random voice two-function -8 ↓ Watch-RDA46RH03/dp/B0047N17KI/ref=pd_sim_k_3 though it is alarm clock "[Kerokerokku] 2" written yesterday encounter and can come ,

Now when seeing. review
It is spotty ..saying.. [urashiiwayo] in the middle of the night.
Moreover, the switch seems not to exist ‥.
[Aa;]?Regrettably?It gave it up because of It is a little if said spottily ‥.

By the way, ‥ A day was long today ‥.

It is ..bringing.. [tte] to the veterinary hospital of dogs in 9 AM.
Go to the sale of Bernese, and to the landmark of Yokohama starting with the boots seen there after it returns
Moreover, it began to look for boots (It was this time for the dog-walking), and the boots of crocs seen in the landmark plaza was good for the dog.

It steps on shoes of ..male dog [piezou].. [watashi] without fail though it amends because at the end of the stroll by a wet foot.
Therefore, leather is not good because it embarrasses it if it is stepped ‥.

There is no size there though it encounters and , story returns.
To the crocs bay quarter shop at Yokohama Station afterwards ..the search for it...

..size.. [nakutesa] ,
It is not at all ..this.., and it is not good original and it doesn't exist in the Shibuya branch and the Jiyuugaoka shop of crocs though it returns to the house and it retrieved it on the net though it called.
When it starts giving up and it calls the Matsuzakaya Ginza branch, it is very [o;].
It was.
[U;] ..toward Ginza.. ..referring.. from evening therefore. 。

It went to Mujirushi-Ryohin because it was special after [de] purchase, it went to Camper of Matsuya, it went to PLAZA, dinner was bought with Yokohama Station in the daily dishes corner of [shia;ru], and it returned ‥.

Boots that buys [pie;] [ruga] is seen and a word. "It should not be black boots that father is putting on in the market. "


The bought boots is ↓ ..this it...

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