Friday, December 31, 2010


It is the 31st getting [e;] and today ‥.
It is 2010 the light and various meanings are one [fu] . that became [otona] though it was variously.

[Aa;]?Because this year's countdown cannot drink the Japanese syllabary sake very done, it is ‥ It is a non-alcohol of the sparking wine, and addition so a little while ago the carbonic acid of the grape juice.
It must drink, and it is necessary completely when you open the cork.

You see as You see [-] ..saying.. [i] getting excited
Though it drank pouring into the flute glass ‥ [Shobo] [n].
Well such [monka]
Addition of the carbonic acid of the grape juice is drunk because it is special ‥.

Incidently, it seemed to have hit iPod nano in the bingo of [pie;] [ruga] customer's year end party the day before yesterday.
It is a reward in the very end because it was serious this year.

To spend 2011 year healthily and happily all ‥ [Panpan].

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The lot fate remained a little. [Fufufufufu]

Falling ・・ [fufufufufufufufufu] .

[Iyaa;]?Dependence ! from [ni] of , delivery service by motorcycles ..doing in the year end party in yesterday's company.. ..putting.. ..the match with [garapon] which it looks for by the application program of iPhone...

When a golden gem goes out, it is a hit and one piece [moraeruttekotode].
Do I hit by two pieces by three [pie;] [ruga] and now though done by six people?
Loudly [n] is said by everyone.
One piece made it turn and ended the game in everyone safely after all.
The ice cream of Haagen Dazs making everyone so hot

However ‥,
Is Sen my said?
[Putsuputsushita] feeling where that hair grows ‥ white translucent [koro] and [shitayatsu] ‥ [Uu;]?After all, the hormone was useless.

It is pleased ..all [maa;demo]...
[Fuu;]?[Fuu;]?It was good because it ate while saying and good.

Safely it worked and it was possible to pay it this year. ‥ [Fuu;]?

The unrefined sugar ice was also delicious. the lever of ..encounter.. , piercingly or [yukke]
The shop to which it went yesterday is ↓ that is here though have written before.

Cow's [zouhiroo] shop

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Company year-end party

Now in yesterday's stroll.
The surgical knife dog Pieta turns and kicks to male dog [piezou], and it was terrible, and becomes a tearaway.

Is [sateto] [ima] day will go to the clinic in the future, and a company year-end party from the evening?
It is roast meat this year.

No [uo] ..‥.. [uo].
[Uo;] [].

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is the person with a good lot fate usually lucky?

[Iyaa;]?It is ..lot fate.. [sugokattanoyo] ! on Saturday.

When it ate daytime in the commercial establishment in Akihabara, two lot tickets were gotten.
I was not bad the lot fate and having hit up to now even once and it thought of tissue [dana] [-] of the prize for participation.

Then, 500 yen ticket is hit and [tanoyo] !.
Is it [ri] [n] that comes [de] and the second times and very [o;] when turning?!Moreover, ticket [dawayo] for 500 yen.
[Yattaa;]?1000 yen.

It is still [de].
It returned holding two boxes of the paved bath oil of the hot spring when it went to the [hapie;] [ruga] DoCoMo shop of the day and the lot was drawn after all.

There was such a thing, too and the betting-ticket of the Arima commemoration was bought building on the momentum on Sunday.
My favorite figure go-go. "55" [dawayo]. drinking

However, the lot fate was paved when exhausting it on Saturday or was not printed.

It was recalled that there was a lot ticket of [desa] and another one until yesterday and went to the lot hall.
There must still be a lot fate ‥.
The list of the premium pasted to the board is seen thinking so, and this is Kanatani hotel driving ! of the unpleasantness and sunlight. shall not be good the inn in the luxury hotel and Izu in Tokyo, too?
[Iza] and [kururi] [n] ‥ ....dream.. swelling..

[Shobo] [n] ‥

Tissue of participation of [aa;] so prize.

..reeling.. , ‥


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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It vomited twice in the evening.

Acquaintance's mother must die yesterday and ‥ It has gone to wake for the dead.
[N]?It is ..the second.. [kaa;] this year.

And, though it put on a black pantsuit after a long time ‥ It was after all anxious like the lower half of the body, put on girdle "[Kimochi] of the pelvis" that had been bought the other day, and it tightened with [bisshi].

[Iyaa;] actually because it attaches on the measure the usual even if it ..encounter.. is called , drinking two sake in the glass is.. though eaten [de] and on one's return in the sushi shop in Ebisu. the habitue of ‥ often metIt has gotten drunk.

Because it was [pie;] [ruha] car, it is not possible to drink.
Both sides..get drunk..other party..apologize..again..sake..drink..permit.

It slightly feels sick in [desa] and a return car, and the cause is this. ‥

It is called recent Shaoxing rice wine, and has weakened somehow ‥.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When it is possible to drink, it drinks.

It is a hot sake of Shaoxing rice wine and ..cold.. ..blowing off.. [soujanaika] because cold [ppiki] of [pie;] [ruga] for a moment for several days back. [Uo;].
It went to [**] Ma-po Dou-fu after a long time in [ttekotode] and the evening.

Ma-po Dou-fu here is painful.
Surroundings of the mouth were smart and it was hot also yesterday.

..encounter.. ?But..ahead..compared

[Iyaa;]?..dripping.. [hisashi] was done ..Shaoxing rice wine.. drinking [kupikupi] because it was however delicious and it got drunk on the yellowtail.

However ‥,
Slightly somehow when occurring this morning though cold [ppikippoi] ‥ It is [yararetaka] ! in Ma-po Dou-fu as for the throat. ?

[Iya] and this are not colds but it is [naindabutsubutsubutsubutsu] in the cold that is not the cold ‥.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

The child of summer is a corona in the terrace.

It printed out looking for the hairstyle of pleasant at which the girl [saa;] and nowadays in yesterday smiled on the net, it did, , it was grasped, and it went to the hair salon.

It ‥
It becomes like the child of summer ‥.

What does it say or does grade-schooler's boy feel it?
Unpleasantness?Though the balance of the face and the hairstyle is bad ‥

However well, what has been cut thinks of [itte] is...
"[Za] and face []" : in feeling because the hair shortened when sticking one's cap on one's head ‥ [Zouzou] [shobo] [n].
Atmosphere changes into [aa;] though the hairstyle is the same ‥ Well [no] [biruno] is waited for.

[Aa;]?[Teruna] [-] and the corbicula and salt [yo]. often lonesomely recently ..what..Salt [dawayo].

The dog cafe lunch on , aspect aspect last day ..encounter.. :.
The corona drinks and is [kupu] in the terrace seat that has been waited.
Hey because 1000 yen in service
It says or reward [zansuu;] of the bath from the ventilation fan the other day to the outlet because it cleaned it thoroughly. [Fuffuu;]?♪

It is lunch on the outside. occasionally good

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Should I not buy it if hesitating?

It went to see another time bag and shoes from the unpleasantness and that yesterday.
It meets shoes of [de] and a the re-different then design ‥ It has quietly put it again without being decided after all.

However, the bag is [fufufu] . that has been bought.
[Aa;]?It has troubled elder brother of Camper and sleep ‥ It might be a procrastinating personality so why.

The encounter, and is dogs taken and is lunch done in the dog cafe in daytime of , aspect aspect this day?[Fuffuu;]?♪

Because does it :?[Ruruu;]?
Reward Card there is filled, and ..expiration date.. . because of today ..doing...
It is 1000 1000 for seem to be able to eat yen.

Incidently, it doesn't drop from that at present the matter that often drops the thing on Saturday ..writing...

Lonesome [dattano] ‥
Though it noticed because it cleans it after the bottle of coffee is dropped ‥ [Shobo] [n] to have lacked the stone of the kitchen counter.

Well, do you assume that only not injuring was good however ‥ [Puu;]?

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The thing is often dropped.

It is a worldly desires school gang leader on Friday.
It immediately went to Yokohama to see shoes.

It meets [de], the [kawaee;] bag, and shoes ‥ It has quietly put it on the shelf hesitating hesitating hesitating hesitatingly.

It becomes impossible [Uu;] ‥ to shop for 4000 yen or more.
[Shobo] [n] ‥

The thing was dropped as many as three times in the evening so often.
Dog's water dropped the entered tableware and the kitchen mat was washed with ..floor.. ..soddenness.. , in the evening.

Try it to occur [dene] and this morning and rice to be produced.
Only the case where the rice grain enters is dropped and the rice grain in the same floor ‥.

..[de].. afterwards, it tries to make coffee.
After it puts it in the glass with the bottle of instant coffee, it is [bassha] [nttesa] in the floor ‥ Lonesome [dayo].

The kitchen mat of just washing is coffee & rice grain [mamiresa].
Therefore, it is a breathing in rolling up with the cleaner in the morning.

It might be what ‥ Do by chance?
Or, is it sick of something?

[Shobo] [n] ‥

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

This eruptive "futsufutsu" feelings ‥ It is what.

This worldly desires [] that cannot be suppressed. [Uu;]?[Uuuu;]?

It goes to the company to print the [kazurin] calendar, and it is [chiku] and [yattetanoyo] in the usual sushi shop in Ebisu to the return in the unpleasantness and the evening.

? ..doing... combine [de], the habitue then, and the master
[Iyaa;]?It is happy, and terrible.

Is , year warmer said at [dene] and the return ..her Farr's ear application.. encounter?
When it costs 13,500 yen, it : by being ..doing...

It ..[de].. thought.
It doesn't shop incidently recently, and [-] ..may buy shoes by you...

It moves to the usual bar afterwards, it speaks, and the cod.
It swam at 5km in the swim or it went to Hawaii alone by bicycle last week as the remainder 50km was tight and it did by the fifth golf round ‥.

While hearing such a thing
It is [koredeiinoka] ? to my recent lukewarm water life. !Worldly desires [ga] the "futsufutsu" again when thinking of [tte].

Not speaking with person recently is actually good and [nainoka] ? what. !

It became it, and it tried to restrain various eruptive "futsufutsu" feelings or it bought and it filled with the roll cake one's mouth in the convenience store in spite of the middle of the night ..sweetness.. ..[imono].. cooking [suggoi] [tabe] though it did not know.


Desire of [aa;demoko] ‥


[Uu;u] ?

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

365 days

[Uu;]?..slowness.. [iwayo]. move continuously since yesterday by muscular pain
..surgical knife dog Pieta.. at all ....largeness.. rage today.. at the same time.

While chewing something while it is strolling a little while ago
What all things it feels because of seeing here by damage [ruwayotte] face and walking?Though the chewing gum is picked up, it eats when thinking, and it does and [-] was taken soon.

[Aa;souieba] ‥
[Te] teacher was often angry because I also bite the chewing gum at the high school or [hahahahaha].
It seems to be good for the brain to encounter and to recall , bosom [kashiikoto].

If it will send to the publisher of "[Kazurin] calendar 2011" by the way, last year's publisher list is seen, it searches for the company of the mailing address, the cod and the magazine are lost, it is worth, the company moves, it is worth, and ..[kato].. trows, [ho-rudei;ngusu] becomes it ..what.. ..dripping.., and ‥ and it changes variously though it is only 1 year.

[Muu;]?It is serious to continue the company.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yu-ko sumida Jackson

It is [fuu;] though it is muscular pain and ape's state of the ornament again.

Unpleasantness and yesterday
"[Yu-ko] [sumida] [jakuson;awe-kuninguekusasaizu]" was done.
Time is also short though it was feeling like Billy.
It is [sara] considerably and a translation because it was also like the yoga that is feeling even if it ends.


Well when occurring this morning.
Have a pain in the inside of the thigh, hips, and the thigh.
Lower half of the body [kiterune] ‥
Therefore, movement is slow from the morning.

Do only at [desa] and such time?
The surgical knife dog Pieta is mischief face [shitesa] ,. a all.

It might be what.

Strolled of [sateto] , dogs and ‥ Do you work?

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Monday, December 13, 2010

[Kazurin] calendar 2011 free download

Was "[Kazurin] calendar 2011" improved?
[Puu;]?It has driven at time ‥.

Moreover, [muu;]?It Now is some designs or [a;] ..whether I should change it.. though the feeling that looked like every year ‥?Is another kind very done made ‥?

There is a cleaning at the unpleasantness and the end of the year, too and the New Year's card are taking ! not written.
[Aa;]?Spottily spottily.

Because it was variously [de] and this year
It was scribbled to have thought it was stronger than usual.

If you recall ‥
At the beginning, it is park [dekepo] [ttoyacchattashisa] . of a new year to backing this year as for the sunrise on new year's day.
That is [hahaha] presentiment of something.. if it thinks now.
..encounter.. content of , is ↓ ..this it...

It got over somehow, and when it is good, done [umu] because it is energetic for the time being though it weakens though [maa;demo], surroundings, and I were suffered and ..various sadness.. existed, too.

"[Kazurin] calendar 2011" is here ↓

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

New spot where small bird's wing can be extended. The first pavilion plaza in Marunouchi.

I got the ticket from the uncle of the designer had been met the other day. 「[Kandei;nsuki]?With blue knight [ten]」It went on Sunday.

The pavilion museum of the first Mitsubishi may be and you exist elegance though the exhibition was also good ‥ With it. ..atmosphere of a certain first pavilion plaza.. [ii] on the back side of the museum.
[Kokodawayo]. ↓

[Iyaa;]?It did not know that such a place was in Marunouchi.
In the cafe in the first pavilion plaza in daytime
Did you eat in the terrace seat because it was fine?。
Holiday morning or the person seems to be few and to be pleasant there ‥.

Marunouchi [burikkusukuea] is ↓ it...

[N]?I do not only know.
It is ‥.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Uncle and European uncle of design

The same uncle, and it is a tempura, [dechiku], and [yattanoda] in the design office in the evening.

Story of story of museum or furniture and interior ‥ Happy [aa;] [-]
Time passes because the uncle of the design is a person who is enjoying work and play by the one's own pace with surprising swiftness.

The uncle must so often
Uncle who took poodle that wrote yesterday
("European uncle" and the nickname were applied. )The story of Europe was told meeting also yesterday because of Michelangelo's Pieta.
Even having gone to six week Europe the other day.

It was happy to hear variously because I had not been to Europe.
About two countries in two weeks though it thinks because it leaks by countries how many even if it is the lowest if it can travel abroad many times or is Europe so.
Is the one that I want to see fully [arundayona]?

[Iyaa;]?Speaking with person after all is happy.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Surgical knife dog Pieta

[Iyaa;]?There was being surprised in the dog-walking yesterday. one's!
"Each other That Christian of , benevolence of the said meaning piet??? It is [hahaha]".

[Nuo;]?The first meaning is ..person who understands.. [ita] !.
[Pie;] [runi] has called while instinctively getting excited and working.

Moreover, uncle "Each other back ahead it of , piet? pronunciation" taught even pronouncing.

‥ Well do you think so?

Originally, "Affection" likes sculpture apprentice [nopie;] [ruga] Michelangelo's Pieta, and is seems to also the said meaning and, apparently, ‥ I want you to become an easy surgical knife with which love is filled.
Though it is [de], and a translation just applied by "[Pie]" connection.

The uncle「Our dog understands Italian and French. ..encounter.. , doesn't understand English. 」[Ttesa] .
[Iyaa;]?It is an international dog ‥.

That uncle Italian and a French story might compete ‥ I also study something and [ruka]. ?

No, if you do not make it to prima donna's lower half of the body seeing DVD that has been borrowed the other day first of all.

Unpleasant unpleasant [aa;] and the person who tries to do something really.
At any time and [rundayone] [-fuu;] before such a thing is spottily said.

Eating in daytime is [tto] for the time being.

Jodoshin sect of , encounter

Michelangelo's Pieta is here ↓.
Pieta (Michelangelo)

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What movement do you suit yourself?

The DVD rental is 100 yen in [saa;] and TSUTAYA the other day and [tanoyo] !.
It has borrowed ..[de].. five pieces.

[Iyaa;]?There must be to dark feelings a lot and do not want to see and. Borrowing [chaundayona] inadvertently.
It ..[desa].. has borrowed.

Being possible to come ..encounter.. , ↓ .."PARIS-Paris" of mini theater system it..

[N]?A still good person Japanese syllabary in the French movie that has been seen up to now.

It is "[Kapoei;ra] exercise. " though it is DVD of the exercise.
It is up to difficult [shobo] [n] of [uu;] that doesn't understand though is the easiest movement it though did a little while ago for a moment.

, saying that "Leg thin ballet exercise"
"[Yu-ko] [sumida] [jakuson;awe-kuninguekusasaizu]" Though it is and doesn't do , still ‥

About no [maa;maa;ii] it, it is 100 yen.

[Uu;]?Aim. Prima donna's lower half of the body.

[Hahaha] is [hahaha] -.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It is healed by the dog.

It is [shitetarasaa;] today as for the dog-walking.
The Barbary salesman carries, draws the wrinkle to the middle of the forehead by a man of feeling while seeing, and has walked ahead.

When [desa] and passing each other, the man whiffing saw dogs and said "..loveliness.. [i;]?" in a considerably loud voice.

Moreover, the wrinkle of that middle of the forehead : to where.
It is surprised to become the smile of [kurai] even once.

[Fu] . by which you may make person smile

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Milk after all

[Iyaa;sa]?The bean juice has been bought for the bean juice for a moment thinking the change the story of the milk written the other day.

It put in [de] and immediate coffee and it drank.
[Uu;] ‥?
Only coffee is lacked and the taste of ..erasing.. [sarete] bean juice.
It is [shobo] [n] not thought to be delicious though other hows to drink were tried ‥.

It is purchase [chattakarana] [-] as for the packing of one liter.
Do you use it for any dishes?It puts it in [mamechichinabe] or the miso soup.

..encounter.. , was [pie;] [runi] the other day.
"..becoming it.. [-] that will not be thought that a remaining bean juice is used to cook surely" is ..saying.. [warechattashinaa;].

[N]?Do you drink only with the bean juice ‥.
Even if you say it is very good for the body
Is it continuously [fuu;] if it is not thought it is delicious?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homeless cat a little

[Muu;] [mumuu;]
It likes milk, and as for me, coffee also puts and drinks milk.

Well though it is likely to only have not to make to [ki].
[N]?Bean juice..ahead..try..for a moment..feel.

Spottily spottily

It goes [sateto] , dogs' strolling and [nattekoyo] [tto] in the Nola cat in [choi] and Yokohama today from the evening.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It is surprised to get up in the morning.

[Iyaa;] ‥
Now, and it occurs this morning, it feels sick at once, and it has done to [kepo-] in the rest room.
The face's becoming pure-white and occurring were painful.
However, though it occurred because there was work.

Afterwards, [kanakya] and ..going.. [omo] before it rains :.

[Uu;]?It is what ‥.
[Naa;] probably because of the medicine that has been gotten yesterday.

The [kazurin] calendar will go to the office so often, be printed out, and be [tetandayona] today.
However, the physical condition will be for a moment in the house because it worries about it.

[Au;]?Sending to the publisher slows again ‥.

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