Sunday, December 12, 2010

New spot where small bird's wing can be extended. The first pavilion plaza in Marunouchi.

I got the ticket from the uncle of the designer had been met the other day. 「[Kandei;nsuki]?With blue knight [ten]」It went on Sunday.

The pavilion museum of the first Mitsubishi may be and you exist elegance though the exhibition was also good ‥ With it. ..atmosphere of a certain first pavilion plaza.. [ii] on the back side of the museum.
[Kokodawayo]. ↓

[Iyaa;]?It did not know that such a place was in Marunouchi.
In the cafe in the first pavilion plaza in daytime
Did you eat in the terrace seat because it was fine?。
Holiday morning or the person seems to be few and to be pleasant there ‥.

Marunouchi [burikkusukuea] is ↓ it...

[N]?I do not only know.
It is ‥.

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