Monday, December 13, 2010

[Kazurin] calendar 2011 free download

Was "[Kazurin] calendar 2011" improved?
[Puu;]?It has driven at time ‥.

Moreover, [muu;]?It Now is some designs or [a;] ..whether I should change it.. though the feeling that looked like every year ‥?Is another kind very done made ‥?

There is a cleaning at the unpleasantness and the end of the year, too and the New Year's card are taking ! not written.
[Aa;]?Spottily spottily.

Because it was variously [de] and this year
It was scribbled to have thought it was stronger than usual.

If you recall ‥
At the beginning, it is park [dekepo] [ttoyacchattashisa] . of a new year to backing this year as for the sunrise on new year's day.
That is [hahaha] presentiment of something.. if it thinks now.
..encounter.. content of , is ↓ ..this it...

It got over somehow, and when it is good, done [umu] because it is energetic for the time being though it weakens though [maa;demo], surroundings, and I were suffered and ..various sadness.. existed, too.

"[Kazurin] calendar 2011" is here ↓

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