Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yu-ko sumida Jackson

It is [fuu;] though it is muscular pain and ape's state of the ornament again.

Unpleasantness and yesterday
"[Yu-ko] [sumida] [jakuson;awe-kuninguekusasaizu]" was done.
Time is also short though it was feeling like Billy.
It is [sara] considerably and a translation because it was also like the yoga that is feeling even if it ends.


Well when occurring this morning.
Have a pain in the inside of the thigh, hips, and the thigh.
Lower half of the body [kiterune] ‥
Therefore, movement is slow from the morning.

Do only at [desa] and such time?
The surgical knife dog Pieta is mischief face [shitesa] ,.
Come..eye..shine..play a trick..rage..at all.

It might be what.

Strolled of [sateto] , dogs and ‥ Do you work?

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