Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girl Talk

Woo ~ Cybozu Shimashi aggregate after all! Tsu Pafutsu not Dodo!
When you do not do it for a woman, waving.
Oh neat over crowded.
I'm steadily future declaration.

Is at the jaw line but in the long-awaited summary
Did it work for I tried to clean smile.

How much for 3 hours Did he raise the angle toward the computer for hours.
, And ~ ~ per cent what I saw in the mirror and go walk the dogs!
Therefore wrinkles around the mouth?
And clearly Tsu! It's crisp and even by ordinary face!
Wu is trying to stretch the face today, Yes.

Oh, and I thought he
I do not listen to me talk about apps and hue.
Are there any limitations on the terms of the reaction when there ~
What would a flesh and blood Yappari.

What Tetara Shaberitai wrote yesterday,
By evening had a call from a friend!
Girl Talk I'm a long time ~ Well, Ufutsu Tofu.

People go out and try to talk out aggressively Yappari.
Ah ~ I holidays, selling over Whoops!
I what to do

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