Thursday, December 23, 2010

It vomited twice in the evening.

Acquaintance's mother must die yesterday and ‥ It has gone to wake for the dead.
[N]?It is ..the second.. [kaa;] this year.

And, though it put on a black pantsuit after a long time ‥ It was after all anxious like the lower half of the body, put on girdle "[Kimochi] of the pelvis" that had been bought the other day, and it tightened with [bisshi].

[Iyaa;] actually because it attaches on the measure the usual even if it ..encounter.. is called , drinking two sake in the glass is.. though eaten [de] and on one's return in the sushi shop in Ebisu. the habitue of ‥ often metIt has gotten drunk.

Because it was [pie;] [ruha] car, it is not possible to drink.
Both sides..get drunk..other party..apologize..again..sake..drink..permit.

It slightly feels sick in [desa] and a return car, and the cause is this. ‥

It is called recent Shaoxing rice wine, and has weakened somehow ‥.
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