Monday, November 1, 2010

Policeman and wry smile.

The best-before date cut one week ago a little while ago.
It is safe [kanaa;] though it ate [ninaninamen] of [umen] ‥ In not destroying the stomach, it is [panpan].

Is saying eating [terutte] feeling [damonna] in the best-before date order in what I want to eat in case of being in daytime or the house?‥ No thanks because it can eat the [maa;demo] meal.

Though it wrote food [tto] and yesterday
It is guard of the APEC venue and there is a policeman in various administrative divisions now.

[Fu] . that will not be made [doki] any longer thanks to this guard recently. cook it as [doki] so as not to gloss it over when the policeman is seen ahead ..bad ..anything....

Policeman [nooni] stood on the road so often the other day.
It stopped exactly in front of the policeman when thinking that [sutatatatatatatte] ..earliness.. [aru] coming [de] moved though it was not understood that the [shitete] surgical knife dog Pieta of [de] and the dog-walking why.
[Moshiya] !?Moving seemed to be also pleasant, and it was bad for the done Pieta, and finished doing in the place until ending holding [murimuri] ‥ in the presence it when thinking of [tte] though it apologized.

Because ? ..doing... [Iyone] is.. [-].
It ..policeman.. smiled wryly.
However, it is [umu] in the [murimuri] appearance of the Pieta surely healed.

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Mother's talk in sleep

Mother came to play on the weekend.
Though it was good because it seemed to be happy to bubble over
[Iyaa;]?It was selfish as usual ‥ Well, it is my parents.

It moves rustling in [kure-to] ‥ size of a usual voice and the clear talk though it slept in a bed the ..[desa].. same as male dog [piezoumo] reacts to the voice because it massaged it. 「[Fuu;]?・・」Sigh..carry out..sleep..without..finally..dreamily.

However, suddenly very much at 4:30
It barks, and ..[piezoumofunfun].. [iyaa;]. get up being surprised because "..retreat.. [-n]" hears of the sound from the outside also by motherI thought that the missile was able to drive it.

The policeman of Yokohama is terrible because of APEC recently.

It slept for [namonde] and about two hours ‥ [Iyaa;]?It came.
At least separate [umu] bed...

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