Monday, November 1, 2010

Policeman and wry smile.

The best-before date cut one week ago a little while ago.
It is safe [kanaa;] though it ate [ninaninamen] of [umen] ‥ In not destroying the stomach, it is [panpan].

Is saying eating [terutte] feeling [damonna] in the best-before date order in what I want to eat in case of being in daytime or the house?‥ No thanks because it can eat the [maa;demo] meal.

Though it wrote food [tto] and yesterday
It is guard of the APEC venue and there is a policeman in various administrative divisions now.

[Fu] . that will not be made [doki] any longer thanks to this guard recently. cook it as [doki] so as not to gloss it over when the policeman is seen ahead ..bad ..anything....

Policeman [nooni] stood on the road so often the other day.
It stopped exactly in front of the policeman when thinking that [sutatatatatatatte] ..earliness.. [aru] coming [de] moved though it was not understood that the [shitete] surgical knife dog Pieta of [de] and the dog-walking why.
[Moshiya] !?Moving seemed to be also pleasant, and it was bad for the done Pieta, and finished doing in the place until ending holding [murimuri] ‥ in the presence it when thinking of [tte] though it apologized.

Because ? ..doing... [Iyone] is.. [-].
It ..policeman.. smiled wryly.
However, it is [umu] in the [murimuri] appearance of the Pieta surely healed.

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