Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is it lunch ♪ [fuffuu;] in the cafe?

[Iyaa;]?It was happy on the weekend ‥.

Lunch was done in the cafe that obstructed to the love love lunch of Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F of [suburiba] and existed in the Motomachi Chinatown on Saturday.
The roll cake is bought for the souvenir.
Afterwards, it is Nola cat [dawayo] because it is special.
[Fuffuu;] where [fufufu] , was wandered about after a long time by Bernese?♪

It : ahead though clothes were bought by Bernese.
Do now?It does and [yo;bo] [n] without clothes to be put on only with T-shirt either.
It encounters and , has bought the ornament of starlike.

So often even on Bernese and the 20th anniversary ‥ [Muu;]?20 years are early when thinking so.
[Fuu;]?Years how many another can I enjoy it?

And, is it lunch in the cafe on Sunday with dogs?
[Aa;]?(eyes that see the distance) It was fine and it was pleasant ‥ After all, it is lunch on the outside on the weekend.

Cafe to which it went on Saturday「[Motoya]. Pancake ristorante」[Hakokodawayo] ↓

Shop "[Deza-tonanba-ichiro-ruke-ki]" that buys the roll cake is here ↓

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