Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Does my body speak with a local accent or is [yu-ko] [sumida] Jackson terrible ‥?

Still..muscular pain..sit..arrive.
When walking, it says in the such and such.
[Uu;]?[Rubeshi] and [yu-ko] [sumida] Jackson. scary

It waits, and is tea done and seen also in the furniture showroom because it goes to Aoyama after a long time yesterday so often?

The dinner [agete] teeth are brushed to dogs and it has become [tteyattetara] and very limit after all time.

There was the cod and the person who very at that time, was also by all people who knew indeed excluding visit [tabucho] thinking of stopping [chattashinaa;] in the company that had worked in old times done to play yesterday.
Resign, say to a different company, and again, Return..do..provide..surprise.
It seems to be energetic and above all. however at that time and all weirdy straw [zu]

A variety of [arunee;] [-] all though it goes and the story was heard [chiku] afterwards ‥ [Fuu;].

It goes to Machida to receive [goru] who will be the car inspection hereafter on [sateto] , this day.

Is the distance No.16 from the house to Machida though it is not so much?[Goi] of ..becoming empty.. [-], congestion [surundayonaa;] ‥ [Uu;]?Come back safely.

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