Wednesday, August 17, 2011


[Nanto] !..muscled.. [o;] ..pain it... surely drink never
Because does it :?[Ruruu;]?♪
Do because the radio physical exercise was done yesterday?[Ruruu;]?♪

In spite of the movement of only several minutes ‥ [Iinokakorede]. ?
Let's continue for a moment.

It encounters and there are fireworks on , this day.
The affray of male dog [piezouhawa] [wa] always.
Is the surgical knife dog Pieta [bibiri]?Therefore, I want to get on the sound and to get on on [bibitte] my knee.
[Kawaee;]?[Yatsuyonoo;]?[Fu] .

There was fully wanting to see the dry snack set when going to the supermarket, and all [te] seemed to be happy to sell the chow mein along the road ‥.

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