Sunday, March 13, 2011


I think that it shakes even when not shaking it is what ‥.

The other day mail came so often.
Now in the [suggoichinchikurinna] translation though think that it gets American's child the answer, and written with a free translation software ‥.

, ..encounter.. Japanese is ? that the reason for is not that it is strange ..trowing selfishly...
In ..[suggoi] [shin] externals.. word with hesitancy
「I?..the desire..」It wrote and the translation button was pushed.
[Uu;]?It thinks of English, thin [narana] [-] at such time.

[Muu;]?It is very [daa;] no matter what it lacks though spends like seem always being natural.

It notices when there is something.
Getting to the sickness is [u;] ..peel.. ..peel.. [muu;] so.

It wetly spent it though it was a birthday yesterday.

They are thanks ‥.

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