Monday, February 21, 2011

Defective middle age of yearning

Though it was a Chinese medicine outpatient yesterday
You may not forcibly assume the way including something, and ..enjoyment by a slow pace.." ..".. was said by the teacher.

[Iyaa;]?I am serious [sugirurashiiwayo]. [Fufu].
‥ Do you ..[aa;].. yearn?Defective middle age.
I also aim or it is defective. [Fu] .
[N]?‥ When did it become serious?

[Soudayona]?Did you forget for a moment in recent?

! is..Yesterday so often. Moreover, it took a picture near the house.
Though the location bus stopped to be near
It is [hahaha] ..wandering about.. returning to the house because it is mortified to do to [chira] the window of a black film and to look somehow, taking out dogs, and putting out the feeling happened to pass by chance by the stroll.
[Iyaa;]?That is "Villain" at [tere] morning surely

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