Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonderful uncles

Now when going strolling of dogs yesterday.
Sea..along..park..suit..put one's hand..white wine..drink..wait.
The switch was camembert and a nut.

..saying.. ?..saying.. ? [nee;][Yoo;]?‥ [Occhan].
[Aa;souieba] ‥
The knee is held alone in sands and [ndetakke] of champagne (It is bringing of the glass) ahead ‥.

..encounter.. ,, and [bai] and nostalgic
! ....weakening.. understanding... ?
[Oo;]?Incidentally nostalgically
Is not an old photograph arranged doing ‥ either?

No, there is no such time with hesitancy.
[Supa---ku]. [Bibibi] ‥

Favorite [fu] . following conch shell at recentness of ..encounter.. ,
..encounter.. !Let's put it on the calendar in the spark, the conch shell, and 2012.

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