Sunday, September 12, 2010

Night game golf & birthday party

After all, it has gone to night game golf on Saturday.
It is [buridawayo] to go out to the course during half a year.

It did not have pains in the leg more than it thought.
[Muu;]?Making to the rest moved in the muscle. Person..say.It was good, and the pain doesn't become awful.

There is a report from F Sawa of Mr./Ms. of [suburiba] in daytime on [de] and Sunday.
Is [yarukaratte] invited by the surprise and is golf companion's birthday party moved to Takanawa?。
Person's house of the birthday is entered and [pa] [chi] of the sukiyaki birthday.
The person in question was surprised because it returned and there was fully a person.
It eats drinking and [panpukurin].

[Iyaa;]?However, the unexpected past of various people was understood and it was interesting.
It seems to actually drive Ducati around and there to be a companion in the whole country though the most much having been surprised is a woman of delicate feeling ‥.

Such an unpredictable quality is interesting.
‥ Coming [takototteko] and [damonnee;] the ..[muu;].. current.

[N]?[Naina] [-] ‥

Start [ruka] something. ?Unexpected thing

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