Monday, November 8, 2010

If you do not do doing ‥

[Muu;]?The wind is strong today ‥.
Now do when you walk though it is tiny eyes?Garbage on eyes is ..entering.. [runoyo] !.

..encounter.. ?When you go dogs' strolling
Let's do the hat, glasses, and the mask.

Oh, [moyabaina] [-] ‥ to stop..try.!
Safe [reba] or sunglasses. bring dog
No, is it after all doubtful ‥ [Maa;iikedo].

I think that I go to buy the New Year's card in [sateto] , this day.

[Aa;souda] ![Kazurin] calendar [moyaranaito] !
[N]?It is calm [chaukarana] [-] if there is no time limit ‥.

That is printed out for myself for sent to the acquaintance and the publisher, and it cuts and the half-sitting makes the waist painful.
However, it is a surely terrible in case of ask the printer amount.


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