Thursday, June 2, 2011

YouTube debut finally

Male dog [piezou] , this morning
..making fun.. - that was not able to go for a walk yesterday
It is [jojjojjojjojjojjottesugokatta] by about one minute.
[Aa;]?It entered the rest room tray, and it removed and will no [taraton] in that either.

It is [ijittete] as for , aspect aspect last day iPod touch. encounter
[Fufufu] . that improved dogs' images to YouTube for the time being

, ..reeling.. [ikka] of ‥ where image that improves first doesn't move only by practice.

However, it is terrible to be able to improve so easily.
[Ndakedosa] . that wants to edit some time and to put text and tune
Well, let's study [bochibochi].

[O] !Is it loved Friday today?[Fuffuu;]?It is weather good [sasouda] ? at ♪ end of the week. [Fuffuu;]?♪

The improving image is here ↓ in ..encounter.. , You Tube.

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