Monday, May 23, 2011

I want to differ always occasionally.

Rain [kaa;] ‥
However, because it seemed to clear up around three o'clock, it was good.

If you will not end work by going [sateto] , dogs' to stroll.
It is [tari-zu] where feelings are occasionally changed and Starbucks, the unpleasantness, and the point collect though the house is also good because today's work is a proofreading ‥ Or, do you do in the clinic though are not an examination day ‥ The waiting room of the counter type of an unpleasant [a;] clinic can be considerably concentrated.
[Aa;] is also bad for the clinic it.

Let's retreat and do [-].
Do you feel [-] while it says of [tte]?

[Sateto] ?・・

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