Monday, November 29, 2010

You may return ‥ [Ho] -.

It went swimming after a long time yesterday.

[Horasa] [-] doesn't swim for a long time.
Painful that becomes scary on the way the time before last why crawl and was not able to swim by 25m‥

[Demo]. It was [tanoda] of can the swim ! yesterday. [Kirari]?[N♪] [iyaa;]?It was glad ‥ Is it [uu;], and not finally scary and [nattayoo;]?
However, it was likely to have become suddenly scary at that time why ‥ Spottily spottily.

It became empty [desa] and yesterday and this world of [ba] [sha] swam alone by one [te] lane.
There is a person who has swum [demogashigashi].
When the face is seen, it is surprised by an aunt how in her seventies.

It swam saying of the aunt "Did not worry, go to me, giving to me, and [hora]" because it had massaged it when I took a rest edge [kkode] of the lane.

It is [de], and swims, takes a rest again, and is a cod.
「[Araa;]?‥ When the woman is taking a rest, it is [hora] ..getting cold the body... 」Now, and it ..[tte].. was said and it swam soon.

Because ..aunt.. [gashigashi] was massaged ..the swim..
Moreover, I swam in [mogashigashi] thinking it was said by the aunt.

[Hapu] [pu] has slept in the evening.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Is it lunch ♪ [fuffuu;] in the cafe?

[Iyaa;]?It was happy on the weekend ‥.

Lunch was done in the cafe that obstructed to the love love lunch of Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F of [suburiba] and existed in the Motomachi Chinatown on Saturday.
The roll cake is bought for the souvenir.
Afterwards, it is Nola cat [dawayo] because it is special.
[Fuffuu;] where [fufufu] , was wandered about after a long time by Bernese?♪

It : ahead though clothes were bought by Bernese.
Do now?It does and [yo;bo] [n] without clothes to be put on only with T-shirt either.
It encounters and , has bought the ornament of starlike.

So often even on Bernese and the 20th anniversary ‥ [Muu;]?20 years are early when thinking so.
[Fuu;]?Years how many another can I enjoy it?

And, is it lunch in the cafe on Sunday with dogs?
[Aa;]?(eyes that see the distance) It was fine and it was pleasant ‥ After all, it is lunch on the outside on the weekend.

Cafe to which it went on Saturday「[Motoya]. Pancake ristorante」[Hakokodawayo] ↓

Shop "[Deza-tonanba-ichiro-ruke-ki]" that buys the roll cake is here ↓

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


[Uu;]?Slipping out [tawayo] from yesterday's state of [namakemono] for a moment.
Well, because there was work with the time limit
It is said that it doesn't want to do and is [kedosa] . that is [rarenakattadake].

[Muu;] ‥
Therefore, [umu] with the time limit only have.

‥ You had to have ended at the end of the week before last.

[Aa;] [uu;] [ouu;]?
Spottily spottily ‥

It is [nikaa;] [tsu] ! whether to do or not to cost it of me of the situation and me so.
[Dodo] [n].

So often..this
Male dog [piezouni]「[Uu;]?[Wan]. 」It ..[tte].. was caused.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does the motivation happen if it does very?

[Aa;]?It is [ranainoyo] ! of the motivation of anything ..‥ uselessness, and ・・ ..useless.... ..happening...

It has slept dreamily in the sofa after all, and ..encounter.. ? when ..going.. coming back from [kanakya] and [omo] [tterukedo] dog-walking to the gym though the complete set was taken thinking that [kazurin] of the calendar is drawn in the clinic yesterday. It will trow well and selfishly tomorrow, and ..encounter.. ? though the putting things in order of the room attaches to [suggoku] ..done thing.. [me], too. It will think of [ikkatte] later ‥.

Embarrassed [aa;]?Embarrassment [tayoo;].

‥ Is it [namakemono]?

Gear [ga] and [] ..not entering... the gear

Commander ‥

[Ta] ,
Cooking ・・ [cho] ‥ [U;] ‥

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still Nola cat

Nola cat mode that continues still since weekend ‥ [Fu] .

[Iyaa;]?The ranking of the cod hamburger was done watching television before it slept on Monday.

The story of [de] and the hamburger is told and the cod.
It becomes, and the retrieval of [furesshunesuba-ga-] that cooks ..[furesshunesuba-ga-].. [suggoi] [tabe] in daytime yesterday.

It found it ..[de].. for a moment though it walked.
[Rakki] ..the encounter and there is , terrace seat and eating with dogs... went together my desire be made them associate。

Unpleasantness?Do it grow old and did it swear it?♪
It might be indistinguishable with Mos Burger if [pie;] [runi] eyes are shut and it eats. ..saying.. [-] and I think that I understand though it ..[tte].. is said.
[Banzu] [gasa] , [furesshunesuba-ga-] is [-] favor...

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

All are also occasionally good when becoming a Nola cat.

[Iyaa;]?[-] noisily done in morning ‥
It returned suddenly panicking while soggily becoming it because it fell with [zaza-] when going dogs' strolling ahead of time because it seemed to rain.

There is no other way ‥.
Dogs were washed as they were.
Though it was just good because it was [maa;demo], and time washed slowly.

Food [tto] ‥
Now it is selfish Nola cat mode [baribaridawayo] of [dounikashi] it lonesomely on Friday on the weekend.

First of all, do it go to the closeout sale of Yurakucho Seibu and are clothes and the muffler bought?、
Is it dining out and a sparking wine that is Italian and after a long time at night?[Fuffuu;]?♪ life ham?[Mottsuarerachi-zu]?Olive?Focaccia?Gnocchi?
[Fuffuu;]?♪ [fuffuu;]?
[Iyaa;]?Do it grow old and did it swear it?(eyes that see distance ..‥..)

The day doesn't take the bath, not set the alarm clock, and been sleeping for ten hours.
It slept for ten hours after a long time with hesitancy.

It became energetic ..[de].. for a moment.
Occasionally ..doing after all.. ..[-].. if it doesn't become a Nola cat. ・・

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Worldly desires school gang leader

Today ‥ [Fu] . what lonesomely.

It was possible to draw only the [nokazurin] calendar and for a moment in the clinic.

[Uu;] ‥ It was strained.
Tension, desire [ga], and desire [gaa;] []. [Uo;] [].
It is a kite that cut the string.

It fills with the loved napolitain one's mouth, and it has eaten even the shiruko incidentally in daytime.

Seeming This time when satisfying one's appetite ‥ Worldly desires [dawayo].
[Uoo;] [] ‥

[Shobo] [n] ‥

All ..reeling.. , ‥

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Place that can be concentrated

Though it was a day of the clinic yesterday
Paper and the felt-tipped marker were taken thinking a variety of doing at waiting time because of taking 3 or 4 usual hours.

The unpleasantness ‥ The design of the New Year's card and the draft of [kazurin] of the [kazurin] calendar end and [tawayo].
[N]?[Teii] is possible to concentrate.. from time in the house. time..finish up.

10%OFF of Mujirushi-Ryohin is ..start.. [runoyo] ! so often from tomorrow.
I want the jacket for the dog-walking.

[Muu;]?Or ‥,
Should I wait even for the sale ‥?

As for either, it is ..wanting to go to see.. [ina] [-] Japanese syllabary that can take it.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[Piezou] is a receiving mouth.

..male dog [piezou].. -
It stands on the knee to which I am sitting.

"Holding and holding" snuggles at once even if it lowers.
[Fu] , [kawaee;] [yatsuyonoo;] ‥

When assuming the colon a little while ago in the bed
I felt [pu] [pu] snorting because it put the mandible on my shoulder.

[Aa;]?Healing ‥

[Piezou] was a receiving mouth though encountered and noticed when , vespertine.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sprain of Pieta

[Iyaa;]?..surgical knife dog Pieta.. now.
It is crippled person [hiitete], and that at Friday night [tata] and after it gets off from the bed as for the foot right side front. When thinking safe because it strolled usually, and it raged by the dog run on the next day though it thought of [tto] ‥ It was started that it was crippled person [hiki] in the evening.

When it called the veterinary hospital that always went to make sure, [ipiezoumo] was.. was taken ‥ because male dog [piezou] was not good at the house sitting because it was lonely in one.

It has it it is what it sprained.
However, it is hung on sweets and usually when they are made to walk in the hospital. It ..[ni].. walked.
Terrible crippled person [hiki] is surprised to start when [de] and the pain pill are gotten and it returns to the house.

However, do?It walks usually with [sutatatatata] when sweets are served ‥ Complete also :.

Hello, and it is [piezou] and [aba].
There is doing when considerably improving only because it plays a trick ‥.

[N]?Because the Pieta is heavy for a moment, does the load rest upon the leg?
Do you diet together?

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It falls down, and it is roast meat, and APEC.

Now it went to Shibuya on Friday.
Stairs [de] of [de] and train of descending to get off and to face examination of tickets.
Very, [su] [ten] [ndawayo].

[Iyaa;]?As [nankabo] [] ‥
‥ [Uu;]?It was shameful.

Do you go to eat roast meat by launching work with Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F of [suburiba] at night?
All coming [ya;] [kya] ate the turn turn of the meat lover while saying.
For me, high-level roast meat is satisfactory at once by about two pieces.
[N]?However, does not vigour go out if it doesn't eat meat after all ‥?

And, the hall of APEC on Saturday because it is special.
Going was shortly stricken, dogs were taken, and it went for a walk.


[N]?‥ The police dog is work comfortable strolling [damonna] here.
Eyes that [chira]ed and had looked seemed to be lonely somehow.

The police dog did and "[Kanagawakenkeisa?nnu]" did [tasuki].
It is seen and [pie;] [ruga] and similar [tasuki] are made.
[Piezounishite] laughed at the Japanese syllabary to which something was said by the policeman when strolling.

However, is there that police dog's demanding attention, too ‥ [Iyaa;]?It marks it, and it is rolling up, and it is not possible to become the police dog the [piezounante] mama's baby it,
Can it become , therapy dog the encounter?
It is useless or is [hahaha] because I am glad and it jumps when meeting the person of ..encounter.. ,.

↓ it... roast meat shop "Cow's warehouse"

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can the memory be trained?

[Muu;]?‥ The person's memory is vague [dayona] ‥.

It put it somewhere of the bag thinking that one piece was carried about yesterday though the medicine was taken at the time decided the unpleasantness and every day.

It is not though it looked for the bag for the dog-walking as it searches for degrees in the bag how many many times.
When the small change of the purse entered, it did not put, and the purse in the memory slightly however ‥.

When [de] and the purse are seen, it is [puku] and swelling [ga] in the shape of the medicine.
It to [-] ..along.., and to have put the purse in the outside pocket.
[Fuu;] ‥ Good finding

The dinner of the web site where [tsukuttetesaa;] and the recipe were on a roll was not very seen so often the other day.

[N]?It searched one's memory thinking that it was soy sauce and was sweet soy-beans bar [**], and that it was a certainty, and flour and it made it.
Because the site of the recipe afterwards revived, it is a soy sauce, oyster sauce, potato starch, and [tawayo]. the looking cod
[Iyaa;]?When it is correct, it is desire [takedona] [-].

Can memory UP train ‥?

Well, it is delicious and [takaraiikedosa] ..

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cutlet bowl after a long time

The television with [pochi] when applying it in the middle of the night in the evening
Black tree [meisa] went out and it filled with [tesaa;] and the cutlet bowl one's mouth.

It is cutlet bowl [dawayo] in daytime [de] and today. The person just fully : to the Oto person thinking of [tte] at time of daytime when the cutlet bowl was said to purchase ‥ Nature and the body began to walk to the next shop for the cutlet bowl though it was going to give up lonesomely.

It has gone to Kazuyuki though it walks ..[de].. for a moment.
[Iyaa;]?Were you though did ..pork cutlet Kazuyuki..?The cutlet bowl is [fu] ..
Is Kazuyuki 540 yen though [desa] and the Oto person were 700 yen?
[Shikamo] !It is corbicula soup addition and [tawayo].

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


With hat + glasses + mask said yesterday
After all, to doubtful feeling ‥ when you see the mirror thinking going walk the dog

It went out with the mask with glasses ..[namonde].. after all.
It is ..shy.. [saretawayo] Now in the resident in the elevator however.
Moreover, when the mask is done, glasses become cloudy ‥.

..encounter.. the [kazurin] ..seeming , it so.. calendar
It is ..height.. [i] though how much is done is examined on the net when it asks the printer. It becomes about 500 yen each ‥. I, and moreover, is it hard and [rukaa;]?

[Yoshi]. Design [suruzo] by the end of this week.
[Uo;] [].

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Monday, November 8, 2010

If you do not do doing ‥

[Muu;]?The wind is strong today ‥.
Now do when you walk though it is tiny eyes?Garbage on eyes is ..entering.. [runoyo] !.

..encounter.. ?When you go dogs' strolling
Let's do the hat, glasses, and the mask.

Oh, [moyabaina] [-] ‥ to stop..try.!
Safe [reba] or sunglasses. bring dog
No, is it after all doubtful ‥ [Maa;iikedo].

I think that I go to buy the New Year's card in [sateto] , this day.

[Aa;souda] ![Kazurin] calendar [moyaranaito] !
[N]?It is calm [chaukarana] [-] if there is no time limit ‥.

That is printed out for myself for sent to the acquaintance and the publisher, and it cuts and the half-sitting makes the waist painful.
However, it is a surely terrible in case of ask the printer amount.


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Though it was happy to speak fully ‥

[Ouu;] and today burnt out since the morning ‥ Designer's person came to the house to play.
Therefore, it cleaned it in all of a sweat in the morning.

[Iyaa;]?..boiling.. ..[-].. remark when coming because they are made to rage in the dog run before it comes for dogs so as not to jump at the person for a moment is ..sleep.. [fu] . of [hapu] [pu] afterwards

[N]?‥ However, ‥.
The acquaintance seemed to have divorced recently though it was surprised to hear the story.
Though it has said to play in the married couple's house, and it has met the wife ‥

Though it is [muu;] [mousugu] 70 years old ‥
It will be possible to spend it by the married couple variously in the future finally

It is not asked that the master speaks and I : though I can say indescribably because only the married couple might be likely to understand ‥.

[Nankana] [-] ‥
Spottily spottily ‥

It seems not to be able to meet even dogs who encounter and kept ,, too.
No ‥.

[Muu;] ‥

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

[Go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪]

It became [choi] Nola cat in Shibuya, and it returned drinking with the friend with [chiku] afterwards yesterday.

Hereafter, is it [kurinikkuu;] today?

[Go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪] [go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪] [go-go-gogo-] ♪ [chacchaccha] [cha♪]

[Uo;] [].

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it lunch in Kamakura?[Fuffuu;]?♪

It is fine and [tanee;] [-] yesterday ‥.
It goes to the beach about Kamakura because it is wasteful in the house and lunch ..seeing the sea...

[Iyaa;]?Perfume and [n] of sea and sea of starlike. ‥ Food.
And, Kokomo where it ate daytime is as usual [okokochi] [ii] ..
Though it is ..about.. [kanji] such as the interior or furniture.
The dish is delicious and steady also of shop [nooni].
Was the natural oyster does grow old and sworn?[Fuffuu;]?♪

Well, will I eat the sausage of the best-before date cutting also in daytime today?
[Ninaninamen] and stomach [kowasanakattawayo] of cutting at best-before date that encountered and ate the other day of ,.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Policeman and wry smile.

The best-before date cut one week ago a little while ago.
It is safe [kanaa;] though it ate [ninaninamen] of [umen] ‥ In not destroying the stomach, it is [panpan].

Is saying eating [terutte] feeling [damonna] in the best-before date order in what I want to eat in case of being in daytime or the house?‥ No thanks because it can eat the [maa;demo] meal.

Though it wrote food [tto] and yesterday
It is guard of the APEC venue and there is a policeman in various administrative divisions now.

[Fu] . that will not be made [doki] any longer thanks to this guard recently. cook it as [doki] so as not to gloss it over when the policeman is seen ahead ..bad ..anything....

Policeman [nooni] stood on the road so often the other day.
It stopped exactly in front of the policeman when thinking that [sutatatatatatatte] ..earliness.. [aru] coming [de] moved though it was not understood that the [shitete] surgical knife dog Pieta of [de] and the dog-walking why.
[Moshiya] !?Moving seemed to be also pleasant, and it was bad for the done Pieta, and finished doing in the place until ending holding [murimuri] ‥ in the presence it when thinking of [tte] though it apologized.

Because ? ..doing... [Iyone] is.. [-].
It ..policeman.. smiled wryly.
However, it is [umu] in the [murimuri] appearance of the Pieta surely healed.

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Mother's talk in sleep

Mother came to play on the weekend.
Though it was good because it seemed to be happy to bubble over
[Iyaa;]?It was selfish as usual ‥ Well, it is my parents.

It moves rustling in [kure-to] ‥ size of a usual voice and the clear talk though it slept in a bed the ..[desa].. same as male dog [piezoumo] reacts to the voice because it massaged it. 「[Fuu;]?・・」Sigh..carry out..sleep..without..finally..dreamily.

However, suddenly very much at 4:30
It barks, and ..[piezoumofunfun].. [iyaa;]. get up being surprised because "..retreat.. [-n]" hears of the sound from the outside also by motherI thought that the missile was able to drive it.

The policeman of Yokohama is terrible because of APEC recently.

It slept for [namonde] and about two hours ‥ [Iyaa;]?It came.
At least separate [umu] bed...

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