Monday, November 15, 2010

Sprain of Pieta

[Iyaa;]?..surgical knife dog Pieta.. now.
It is crippled person [hiitete], and that at Friday night [tata] and after it gets off from the bed as for the foot right side front. When thinking safe because it strolled usually, and it raged by the dog run on the next day though it thought of [tto] ‥ It was started that it was crippled person [hiki] in the evening.

When it called the veterinary hospital that always went to make sure, [ipiezoumo] was.. was taken ‥ because male dog [piezou] was not good at the house sitting because it was lonely in one.

It has it it is what it sprained.
However, it is hung on sweets and usually when they are made to walk in the hospital. It ..[ni].. walked.
Terrible crippled person [hiki] is surprised to start when [de] and the pain pill are gotten and it returns to the house.

However, do?It walks usually with [sutatatatata] when sweets are served ‥ Complete also :.

Hello, and it is [piezou] and [aba].
There is doing when considerably improving only because it plays a trick ‥.

[N]?Because the Pieta is heavy for a moment, does the load rest upon the leg?
Do you diet together?

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