Sunday, November 14, 2010

It falls down, and it is roast meat, and APEC.

Now it went to Shibuya on Friday.
Stairs [de] of [de] and train of descending to get off and to face examination of tickets.
Very, [su] [ten] [ndawayo].

[Iyaa;]?As [nankabo] [] ‥
‥ [Uu;]?It was shameful.

Do you go to eat roast meat by launching work with Mr. and Mrs. Sawa of F of [suburiba] at night?
All coming [ya;] [kya] ate the turn turn of the meat lover while saying.
For me, high-level roast meat is satisfactory at once by about two pieces.
[N]?However, does not vigour go out if it doesn't eat meat after all ‥?

And, the hall of APEC on Saturday because it is special.
Going was shortly stricken, dogs were taken, and it went for a walk.


[N]?‥ The police dog is work comfortable strolling [damonna] here.
Eyes that [chira]ed and had looked seemed to be lonely somehow.

The police dog did and "[Kanagawakenkeisa?nnu]" did [tasuki].
It is seen and [pie;] [ruga] and similar [tasuki] are made.
[Piezounishite] laughed at the Japanese syllabary to which something was said by the policeman when strolling.

However, is there that police dog's demanding attention, too ‥ [Iyaa;]?It marks it, and it is rolling up, and it is not possible to become the police dog the [piezounante] mama's baby it,
Can it become , therapy dog the encounter?
It is useless or is [hahaha] because I am glad and it jumps when meeting the person of ..encounter.. ,.

↓ it... roast meat shop "Cow's warehouse"

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