Monday, July 18, 2011

There was no royal St. George's and it did in Pebble Beach.

[Uo;] [] ‥
[Puraibe-tose-ru] of Bernese.
Incidently, it must be one of these days. It is [datta] when ..DM.. expecting the desire a little while ago until yesterday.

[Shobo] [nshobo] [nshobo] [n] ‥ [Shobo] [n] of another one

To wanting see last year of [maa;demo]
Even with the commodity in the hand it goes to the sale ‥
Did painful and [iikedosa] , [aa;] that would be quietly returned at the end want to take it?[Fuu;].

It encounters and it plays golf on , aspect aspect soil a day of the week.
The round has been done in Pebble Beach in the United States.
..peel.. ?. to think of [tte]
It is so simulation golf.

All are from [regyura-tei;], and I am 111.

It is happy to do the round really after all though it was happy.

Let's go to shop for dinner before it falls of the sitting sitting of [sateto] , rain.

Well this morning because it is not possible to go dogs' strolling because of rain the third the second so often today when panicking before it rains. All of a sweat.
It is all of a sweat only that [oshiri] of [piezou] is wiped, it is worth, and [tto] moves.

If you do not neatly wipe the sweat ‥
I ..encounter.. , have a pain in the throat recently and am cold [ppiki].
All are sweats or are and chilly [-] of cold [hikanaiyouni].

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